Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blessing Of Doggies and Dog Walk

Yesterday we took Abby up to the Parma Animal Shelter's adopt-a-thon. They had a bake sale, food, lots of prizes they raffled off and for $5.00, you could get your dog blessed by a Priest on the tennis courts next door, participate in their dog walk and get a goodie bag filled with dog toys and treats. Abby had a great time meeting lots of other dogs and it was fun for us being with so many dog lovers!

I counted about 25 dogs that participated in the dog walk and animal blessing. Abby's tail was going the whole time and had a big smile! I hope you enjoy the video. I know it's kind of long, but I wanted to show all the nice dogs that came out for this event. I was very surprised that the dogs were not barking constantly. We were very proud how Abby walked right with Gerard very nicely and did not bark at any other dogs, just sniffed.

We are so glad we decided to get a dog and look for the perfect dog for us on Petfinder. Maybe it's time you checked out what's available. If you can afford the food, treats, and vet care, a dog is a wonderful addition to a household.

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The Author said...

I'm so glad you got Abby too. We used to participate in dog walks when I lived in a more urban area and we always had loads of fun. Great suggestion to get out there and adopt your next best friend.

Lin said...

Abby is such a nice addition to your family! :) The shelter where we got Hobbes has a big picnic each year for all the families that adopt a pet from them. You can bring your pet back to visit and there is tons of fun to be had. And it is a nice way to raise money too. Sounds like your event was similar.

BeadedTail said...

Abby has been a wonderful addition to your family! There were quite a few dogs there, it looked like a fun time. It was funny how you chuckled at the Holy Water!

Kitty Deschanel said...

You could get your dog BLESSED? Lol, Pica could really use that, the little heathen!
Good for you supporting such a wonderful cause :)

Karen and Gerard said...

Mountain Woman: I'm so glad we got Abby now and didn't wait until we retired, as long as Gerard takes care of walking her every day.

Lin: This event was similar but for anyone with a dog. They are having a reunion a separate day for pets who were adopted from their shelter. We actually got our first cat, Moe, from there. A dog swim is coming up in August, but Abby doesn't seem to be drawn to the water but we plan to just go and watch the others swim.

Beaded Tail: The "Holy Water" cracked me up, actually the whole thing did. I'm not from Catholic background but Gerard is. He took it very seriously so I tried to be good and laugh too much. We love Abby!

LambAround: Yup, I thought the idea was funny too. Actually, some Catholic churches have a blessing of the animals ceremony regularly. I think it's cute and certainly, God likes animals since he created them.

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