Saturday, June 12, 2010

Early Father's Day Gift Was A Hit--A Blurb Book

Today the pets surprised Gerard with a book for Father's Day this year that our dog, Abby, wrote with my help.

We went to and used Abby's blog. I am so pleased with the quality of this book! This was easy to do and I loved that we had complete control over the layout, the fonts, the colors, the size, everything!  It came in less than 2 weeks after I ordered it and it was very hard not to blog about it and not to give it to Gerard right away. 

I also ordered one for Abby's foster mom, Barb, who started Canine Lifeline shortly after we got Abby. We are so grateful to her for bringing Abby to us that I wanted to give her a copy so she could see what a happy life Abby has now. Abby is a wonderful dog; it would have been such a shame to have put her down. This organization saves dogs from over crowded shelters by placing them in foster homes until a forever home is found for them.

Barb emailed me to see if we were coming to "Meet Your Best Friend Day" at the zoo because she was going to bring my book with her to show the other volunteers with her organization and wanted me to autograph it. We always go to this because we love seeing the cats and dogs getting adopted.  I didn't want Gerard to see the book for the first time there so Abby gave it to him a week early.  He kept thinking about it the whole time we were at the zoo and read it as soon as we got home.

Here is what Gerard thought of Abby Finds A Good Home--From Death Row To Adoption: 5+++
Wow! I've never been on the cover of a book before! This book is Awesome! What a surprise! I am thrilled!! This book tells the story of Abby's first year with us!! This year went by very fast and we sure have been through a lot!! It is a fast read. Anybody of any age would enjoy it very much.

Below is a link to blurb where you could order the book if you would like but also take a peek at it to see what a great looking book it is.  You may want to make one for your family using your blog or really any special occasion or theme.  Books can be made private or public.  It took me about 40 hrs. to do this 60-pg. book and that is with mostly copying and pasting text from the blog with some minor additions and editing.  Just click on the arrows to get a look inside. Any profits we receive from the sale of this book will be donated to Canine Lifeline, Inc.

Another option is Picaboo. Read about it at An Album Is Worth 10,000 Words


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

What a super creative idea. I took a look at the preview :) :) That's really cool.. I use two different photo sharing programs..Picasa and Kodak Easy Share...both have options of turning blogs into books. It's nice to actually see what one of these looks like...very nice :) :) :)
Oh, I love it when people give animals a forever home :) :) I want to adopt a kitty someday. The pet deposit at my apartment complex is a little that will have to wait a bit...but oh, this is great. There are a couple of pet shelters in my area that take animals from other shelters, too :)
Greetings from Oregon, Heather :)

BeadedTail said...

What a wonderful present Abby gave her daddy! I read the preview and that's a very nice book and a great way to preserve memories! Thanks for sharing it!

Unknown said...

I also liked seeing the preview. Blogger has a platform called blog2print but I have not used it. Dropping by via SITs. Enjoy!

Claire Alcock said...

What a great book! Thanks for choosing Blurb and sharing your experience.

Claire from Blurb

Lin said...

Oh, that is SO cool!! I love the idea and how you did it, Karen. Thanks for sharing your great idea!

Tonya said...

That's a cool idea! I might have to look into that as a possible gift for someone.

Mrs4444 said...

What a sweet, thoughtful gift! :)

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