Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday at Sports Camp at Parma Heights Baptist Church

Yesterday I only helped coach in the morning session of flag football and was stressed out by the end of that between being in the hot sun all morning, trying to get first and second graders involved and the last minute preparations that should have been taken care of earlier such as scrambling for the playbook, hunting for the yellow flags for flag football, and not having our little rocks for the devotional time and not getting our game in at all. These are all little things to most people, but to me who is organized and a detail person, it stressed me out. I was glad I could shower and relax after the morning session--I even took a little cat nap because I didn't sleep very well the night before. (Picture of part of our football group practicing a backpedaling drill.)

I am assigned to the first and second graders which is not the age group I like and enjoy working with. They are whiny, restless and I couldn't believe the boys were complaining about the ants in the grass! Yup, we are sitting on the ground having our devotions and the boys are complaining about the ants crawling on them. I don't like the ants crawling on me either, just because I don't want to be bringing them into the house but these are boys. It was just surprising to me.

The first day is always hectic and a bit rough because they aren't grouped into teams yet and no one knows exactly where to go for the certain drills yet, but all this works out and the next few days runs much smoother. This morning though, the forecast is not good so we very well may have another confusing day. It's raining and was storming early this morning with a 50% chance of rain predicted for morning and 60% chance of rain this afternoon. We do have a rain plan in place; however, this will greatly limit what drills we'll be able to do.

Please pray for me that I'll be patient and have fun with the kids, that it won't rain and that things will run smoothly. If it does rain, we'll be inside and hopefully will still be able to do at least some skills and drills. Today the kids get their free t-shirts.  

Chick-fil-a donated chicken sandwiches for all the kids to get one--about 749.  Video and pictures are posted each day on the church blog at www.phbaptist.blogspot.com.  What ministry or non-profit organization are you involved with?  Does your church have any outreach ministry during the summer?

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BeadedTail said...

Hope the weather cooperated with you and that you had a good day today! That was really nice of Chick-fil-a to donate chicken sandwiches for all the kids!

Karen and Gerard said...

It turned out to be a very nice day. The rain stopped for us and cleared up very nice. It didn't seem as hot as Monday was either.

It was very nice of Chick-fil-a to donate all those sandwiches. My husband's place donated 1,000 kazoos for Thursday's giveaway.

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