Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A New Book Blog Is Born out Of Boredom

I got bored with my same blog designs and in an effort to declutter, decided to start a new blog for just our book reviews. They were buried on a page of our PNN blog, but I am in the process of moving them over to our new blog at Grab A Book From Our Stack. Book reviews we do from now on will appear there and I will slowly being phasing out the page at What We've Just Read on PNN.

I thought it would be fun to play around with a new blog and didn't want to change this on and My Funny Dad, Harry one because they were both custom made. If you like to read, we would love it if you would visit our new blog and get some reading recommendations or share with us what you thought of some of the books we have reviewed.

Each week I plan to show our new stack of library books in the header. That way just by looking at the header, you can see what we are currently reading and what reviews will be coming up. We will intersperse new reviews with old ones we did from our PNN page.

SPECIAL URGENT NEWSFLASH--CAN YOU HELP?: A friendly cat in Georgia is scheduled to be put down at the end of business June 30, 2010. See Sparkle's Hoping for a June Miracle post about it.

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tahtimbo said...

That's a great idea about changing the header! Now, I just need to go and work on mine. Oh, and thanks again for that book recommendation about the "gang leader for a day book." The library should have it by tomorrow, so I can start reading it.

BeadedTail said...

Great idea for a new blog and love the header!

I'm just about to go to Sparkle's blog so will check out that story. I hope the kitty gets a furever home in time.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I'll have to check it out. I love to read. Currently I'm reading The Red River of the North series by Lauraine Snelling...about a family of Norwegians who emmigrate to North Dakota in the 1880s!!! It's really good!!! There's six in the series and I'm on book 2!! Hugs, Heather :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...
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Karen and Gerard said...

Tahtimbo: Thanks! I am excited about our new book blog. Having a specific niche like this makes it so easy to manage and I hope to get some good recommendations and connect with other avid readers through it too. Let me know what type of books you like (although if you like this one and "My Funny Dad, Harry," I'm guessing you like non-fiction.

Beaded Tail: Oh, I certainly hope so too! It's so sad to know there are so many homeless great cats and dogs and people too! I'm so thankful for my home!

Heather: I read "Pearl" by Lauraine Snelling and loved it! You reminded me of her so I am posting that review on my book blog today. I should really read some more of her books. I'm so excited about my new book blog!

Crystal Escobar said...

I love the new header, looks great!!!
And I REALLY hope that little cat gets a home. I have two and I just love them.

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