Monday, June 21, 2010

Cereal on Ice Cream?

On a warm evening last week, Gerard called me to come out on the porch with him so I finished my supper out there. When I brought my bowl of ice cream with Cheerios on top, here's what he said:

G: You put cereal on your ice cream--eww!

K: It's good! It gives it a little crunch.

G: I'm getting the camera to take a picture. You HAVE to blog about this.

K: Okay. (While I wait for his return, I'm holding Abby's leash in one hand, my bowl and spoon in the other while watching my ice cream melt, hoping that no dog comes by until we finish our little photo session because Abby usually gets excited and barks like crazy while pulling on the leash. This would not be good if she did this while I have the bowl of ice cream in my hand.)

G: He returned with camera in hand and took a couple pictures of it. Still amazed that I would do that to my ice cream. (Fortunately, no dog walked by and Abby was very good.)

So, what do you use for topping on ice cream? When helping with a Kid's Day Out at our church, I learned that cereal on ice cream as well as broken up cookies, or a broken up candy bar all make great toppings. Pam, our children's ministry coordinator, always lets the children make super Sundaes with all kinds of good toppings available to them.

I am happy that Gerard is now looking for ideas for blog posts too! Does your spouse give you ideas for blog posts? Feel free to share a link to one in the comments.

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Kathy said...

I never thought of cereal on ice cream. Sheer brilliance! I do like to dip french fries in a hot fudge sundae. Does that count for anything?

My husband made a boo-boo yesterday bringing in groceries. While hoisting up a 12-pack of soda to the counter, he hit a corner just right, punctured a can and soda went spewing everywhere (unbeknownst to me). Then he shouted "Get your camera! I have a post for ya." Unfortunately, it wouldn't have made a good picture because the soda was clear and you really couldn't see it. If it had been cola, yes, a post would have been born. I like when he's thinking of posts for me. They're like freebies then. WTG, Gerard!

Daisy said...

My Mommeh's favorite topping for ice cream is bananers and hot fudge!

Sandee said...

I've never thought of putting cereal on my ice cream, but I'd give it a try. Why not.

I like to get the ice cream with the candy already in it, like Butterfinger. Had one the other day and it was to die for. Doesn't beat Cold Stones coffee lovers ice cream but it's close.

I got your book too. Just started it this morning. You know the autographed one I won over at Sara's.

Have a terrific day. :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Cereal in ice cream? I've never tried that but it does sound like fun :) :)Why not? I've had gummy bears on ice cream...from Cold Stone Creamery and crushed Oreo cookies in my ice cream too..not at the same time, of course :) :) Also, I used to dip my French fries into my frosty from Wendy' everyone has their things that they like :) :) :)
My dad doesn't give me any ideas for blog posts. I have to come up with them on my own :) :)..but I'll be listening and see if he suggest something to me :) :) have a great week Karen and Gerard :)
Hugs, Heather :)

BeadedTail said...

I've never tried cereal on ice cream either but might have to. I just like cool whip and some chocolate syrup and maybe a little nuts on top. My dad like Club crackers on his ice cream - weird huh?

tahtimbo said...

You know, I've never thought of trying Cheerios on ice cream, but i wouldn't mind trying it to see what it's like. Have you ever tried adding some Ovaltine to some milk and pouring it over vanilla ice cream?? Tastes really good :)
Yes, my wife and even my kids will suggest things for me to write about. I actually get some pretty good ideas from them.

Karen and Gerard said...

Kathy: Thank you, Kathy! Gerard just kept laughing like he couldn't believe I ruined the ice cream like that. I told him he should try it.

Too bad the pop wasn't a dark color--at least he's it shows he's thinking of you.

Daisy: That sounds good too!

Sandee: Certain cereal I think is better on ice cream than others. I had cheerios in the picture, but Rice Krispies, Fruit Loops, Cocoa Krispies would all work well. I wouldn't use the flake cereal.

Glad to hear you're starting my book. I hope you like it. I heard from Tim at at Everyday Life today that he just finished it.

Heather's Blog-o-Rama: I believe the gummy bears was a topping for the kids too. I don't care for fries dipped in ice cream-I strictly like ketchup on my fries.

Beaded Tail: Cool Whip, chocolate syrup and nuts are all great toppings too! I like all those as well, just don't keep those on hand. I know what Graham Crackers are and saltine crackers and cheese crackers but never heard of club crackers.

Tahtimbo: Nope, never tried the Ovaltine. That's not something we buy. We have lots of cereal though, Gerard will even have it for supper too! Sounds like you have a good support crew there! I know your cats give you material too.

Unknown said...

I like all sorts of "exotic" additions to my ice cream, from melted peanut butter to cereal. If it doesn't resemble a sugar coma, it's not desert.

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