Thursday, March 18, 2010

What A Mess!

My cat, Manny, is such a messy eater! He likes to pick out the food first and place it on my mat or the table before he eats it which isn't such a bad thing, but he never eats it ALL. He always leaves a bunch spread all over the place and I keep putting it back into his bowl. Spunky doesn't do this. Do your cats?

The upstairs bowl is plastic so moves around quite easily. It's usually right near the edge of the desk every morning when I go to refill it. On Monday he finally knocked it off. When I went up in the morning, I found it flipped over upside down on top of the covered litter box next to the desk with food spilled all over the lid and some on the floor! Since then, I've been sure I put it right up near the wall and over farther. It is on a place mat that has a raised edge, but that doesn't seem to be enough to keep the bowl on the mat what the cat is pushing it.

Manny would like you to see his perspective on this episode. Check out his post at "Messy, Who Me?" on my other blog at

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Daisy said...

We are only allowed to eat from stainless steel or glass bowls, so our dishes do not slide around. But lots of food falls out of my mouth when I eat and makes a big mess!

tahtimbo said...

Ours will never eat the crumbs. There could be food in the bowl, but if it contains ANY crumbs, they won't touch it. Now, Yum Yum is a messy drinker. She will get food all over their water dish, so I end up cleaning it out several times a week.

Anonymous said...

My dog picks each piece up individually, drops it on the floor, then eats it. Luckily, she doesn't leave it lying there.

Beth Zimmerman said...

We used to have a cat and she was the most finicky, messiest animal I have ever known! My dogs both take a mouthful at a time out of the bowl and move it elsewhere to eat it but at least they clean up after themselves!

BeadedTail said...

Angel & Isabella aren't very messy but occasionally will get food all over the floor. They eat out of raised stainless steel bowls - they are only 3 inches off the ground so the stand keeps the bowls from moving around.

Here's a link to their feeder:

Karen and Gerard said...

Daisy, you are such a little dainty thing, it's hard to believe you make a mess when you eat!

Tahtimbo: I just finished "Homer's Odyssey" about a blind cat who always got its food into its water bowl too until its owner moved them farther apart. That's what we do.

GringationCancun: Our dog always eats every little bit too!

Beth: I guess cats must just be messier eaters.

Beaded Tail: The plastic bowl came with Manny when I got him so just used it because I wanted him to be comfortable and have at least some of his familiar things. I guess I could change it now if I wanted to.

Homestay Mama said...

Yes, my Athena is a messy eater. I've written about it in my latest post. But right now, she's barely eating, and I'm really concerned. I'd rather have the mess!

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