Monday, March 15, 2010

We Went To The Great Lakes Science Center

I got two free tickets from work for the Great Lakes Science Center so went on Saturday. It was something different for us and we enjoyed it. I tested my GPS cushion holder that sits right on the dashboard for the first time and it worked well. We were paid the $6 for parking to park in the underground garage, and remembered where we parked.

At first we wandered around looking for the place to get our parking ticket validated. Then we went straight to the gift shop where they had lots of unique things. All kinds of science kits, trinkets, t-shirts and even astronaut ice cream packets. They did not look too goo to me. I don't think there was anything under $10.

We wandered around in the space exhibit until 1:00 when it was time for he movie on the big screen. We got to the movie entrance and were told we had to get a movie ticket at some other place. We had combo tickets so then we get our movie ticket and by the time we got back to the theater, the door was shut and a sign said we should to to the information desk for assistance. So off we went back to the information desk. This was not a very friendly welcoming! I felt like I was in a maze. Anyhow, we got an escort from there and enjoyed the movie about the "Mystery of the Great Lakes."

The picture was huge and it make us feel like we were right there flying with the eagle and swimming with the fish. Most of the movie told about the sturgeon fish and showed how biologists track them. The one was 100 years old! There are lines on the fishes fin that show how old the fish is, similar to rings in a tree trunk.

After the movie, we walked around a lot of various hands-on exhibits that showed how different things work, such as pendulums, electricity, sound vibrations, converting energy, light, lasers and more. It reminded me of my high school physics class! Gerard and I tried building an arch with plastic blocks but we goofed because I didn't notice the platform we were supposed to start it on. Another couple got it built though. I thought how my dad would have loved to have seen this. He had a very scientific mind and I'm sure would have found these things very interesting and would have loved watching the children explore the different exhibits.

They also had an interesting section on biotechnology showing advances made in the field of medicine and also how addictions affect the brain. Somehow there's a way to send a signal to the limb of someone paralyzed so that they can move that muscle! I didn't stop at the addiction exhibit because by then I could tell Gerard wasn't interested and we were both getting hungry so it was time to go.

I liked the exhibits best and Gerard liked the movie best. We were both hungry though by the time we left because we had such a big breakfast that we didn't eat lunch before we went. We got home around 3:45 and ate lunch then.

There was a pitching machine that showed how fast you could throw that Gerard did but I didn't do it because I didn't want to show him up. Another fun thing they had was a big train that you could run around a high track that had part of the track in a bridge that you could raise and lower. The one kid liked playing with it so much the mother had a hard time getting him to move on!

It wasn't crowded at all when we first arrived around 12:15 but it was crowded by the time we left. If you are in Cleveland, this would definitely be a worthwhile place to visit, especially if you have children.

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Queenie Jeannie said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!! I LOVE these kinds of places!!!!

BeadedTail said...

Sounds like lots of fun things to learn and see there! Good thing you didn't show Gerard up on the pitching machine! said...

stopping by from SITS - will definitely have to put it on the list of things to do with the kids if we are ever in Cleveland :)

Megan said...

Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon!

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