Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gerard's Five Top Passions (Writer's Workshop)

Gerard is passionate about all Boston sports teams. He follows the Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins and the Patriots. For all those teams, he has shirts, hats, pennants, books and even videos (most of which he got when he was still a bachelor). We also have two stuffed Red Sox bears, a Bruins bear on skates, and a Patriots cheerleader bear. In our living room hangs a big picture of four jersey’s of the Patriots hanging in their locker room, one of which has “Zemek” on the back. I got that for him for Christmas one year. We also have lots of Ohio State stuff in addition to shirts and caps like a bean bag chair and a light plate switch.

Another passion of Gerard’s is cleaning. He cleans something every day! He handles all the cleaning supplies and just tells me what he wants me to order from I don’t even know where he keeps them all, nor do I care to. He is a “neat freak.” If I have a book laying out on a table, it bother him. If the remote is crooked, he has to straighten it. He takes out the garbage at least twice a day.

Reading is another passion of Gerard’s. He always looks in the paper to see what books are best sellers and then if any appeal to him, he’ll go online and order them from the library. He usually gets three to five library books a week. He is a fast reader and tries to read 50 pages a day, whether he is at the end of a chapter or not does not matter. Not only does he read books but also newspapers and anything else he sees along his way that has words on it such as brochures and posters.

Yard work is another passion Gerard has. He absolutely loves a perfect, leaf free, weed free, spot free, green lawn. He even gets down on all fours to trim the edge by hand, no electric trimmer for him. He enjoys having pretty flowers in the yard and in flower pots on the porch and likes watering them and the lawn all summer long. Our grass never gets very long because he likes to mow it.

He is very passionate about us and our pets, especially our dog, Abby. He loves spending time with me and taking Abby to the park and on long walks. He doesn’t mind at all when Abby comes up on the bed. Maybe because she doesn’t walk by his head like the cats sometimes do. He enjoys giving Abby treats and likes it when she lays nearby while he watches TV.

UPDATED 3/13/10: Gerard says he will work for food--homemade bakery! Any offers?

I may (or may not share some about my passions in another post. What are you passionate about?

This post was written in response to Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt: What lights your fire? Describe five things you are passionate about.
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Farmers Wifey said...

Right, cleaning then...shall I just give you my address and some cleaning can be done!!!

♥ Kathy said...

I have the cleaning passion too :)

Sandra said...

I am officially in LOVE with Gerard... and want to steal him away from you... just for the cleaning part....

i am sooo jealous!

Jude said...

Gerard sounds like a gem. I guess I'm passionate about my animals,steak, riding the bike, and Bill of course.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Farmer's Wife: Nope, he doesn't want to travel anywhere far.

Kathy: That's a good thing!

Saundra: Don't even think about it. He's mine, ALL MINE!

Jude: Not so passionate about your neighbor's ducks though, huh?

Erin said...

Do you think I could borrow and yard work...I mean it is spring! Just sayin...

Jen said...

Thanks for your comment, Karen! It's nice to meet you! Wow... you got it made, huh? Your husband not only does the yardwork, but the housework too, and he enjoys it! I'm a bit envious! I too am a huge Boston sports fan; the Patriots are my favorite. Go Beantown!

Karen and Gerard said...

Erin: Gerard says to let you know he will work for food--home baked bakery.

Jen: Gerard is Mr. Wonderful! Nice to "meet" another Boston sports fan.

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