Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Now What Did They Have To Go And Do That For?

UPDATED 3/27/10:
More good news! Tim at Everyday Living was able to explain to me a way around my Flip Software and still upload video from the Flip camera. It's a bit of a round about way but it worked. Once the Flip was connected to the computer, then I went into "My Computer" and opened the Flip like a flash drive, opened my windows movie maker and imported the video clip into that from the my computer area. Although the editing is harder to do from here, it worked. I picked a clip that didn't need editing. It's the one I was going to post on Valentine's day but posted on my "What Did You Compromise When You Married" post. The sound of the song is a bit wobbly because I think it's time to change the batteries. Thanks again, Tim!

UPDATED 8:20 P.M. ON 3/24/10:
Good news! I got the kibble trivia badge--my fault, there was the code on their site for the banner but I didn't see the instructions to click on the badge to get the code until I went back later after Atty Catty sent it in an email. I went to the library during my afternoon break to do it on both my blogs.

More good news--I finally got the Java plug-in working on my Firefox browser and can play games once again on using Firefox. Whew! What a rigamarole!

I noticed my cute "Feed Cats & Dogs" Trivia banner disappeared and when I went to play this morning, I found they redid their site and changed the badge to this. I liked the other one better but that's not the worst of it. There was no banner code to copy it so I couldn't include it here for you to click on it to go to play.

Anyhow, the link: still works so I hope you will still play and not forget about it just because I don't have the banner anymore. Seems like there's always something do fuss with to distract me. Does that happen to you too?

It seems I'm starting a whole list of little irritations that are on my mind and have got me bugged. Fortunately, the key word here is "little." None are of great importance--thank God! Here's my list in case you care and maybe you can help me knock off one or two items:

(1) My Flip Camera software no longer opens so I am currently unable to load my videos to my computer.

(2) My slide and picture scanner software doesn't work either so I just use it through my windows "cameras and scanners" wizard. It's frustrating, but at least in can still scan things in. My slide software never did work and I have to push one slide at a time through with the plastic negative holder apparatus which really isn't the way it is supposed to work. Both are from Brookstone.

(3) Tim over at Everyday Living actually did a whole post about my problem with my Firefox Java plug-in not working with Java Plug-In Not Working With Pogo-com. I tried following the steps but got frustrated and quit when it looks like I don't even have the updated Java plug-in. I tried downloading the updated one but the windows in the instructions that were supposed to open, didn't. ARRGGH--I HATE UPDATES!!!! If it works, please don't "fix" it. (Come to think of it, my flip software got screwed up after I updated that too!)

(4) I'm seriously considering consolidating my blogs. Keeping three going and promoting all three is more time-consuming than if I just had one and my book blog about my dad. Maybe I should even consolidate that too. When I comment, I rotate signing in with my three URLs. Any advice for me on this?

I find it interesting that all these frustrating things that make my life more complicated are computer related. Maybe it's time to just chuck the whole thing and go back to life without a home computer. I know I'd miss it though so I don't think I'll actually do that. I wonder if maybe I need a new computer with more memory--I hate to even think about moving all my stuff to a new one though.

Sorry for the rant here. I don't usually do this but I had nothing else to post about today and this trivia badge set me off this morning. I'm going through a little blogging slump right now in case you haven't noticed.

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Daisy said...

I'm hoping the Trivia banner will start working again soon. I wish I had saved the image for the round badge, because then we could just host it somewhere like Photobucket with a link to the site.

Anonymous said...

hi guys, so nice to meet you! thanks for coming by my bloggie during the big storm. what a craziness! thankfully it is all over now. i have that new badge on my page, i will email the code to SpunkyDoodle right now!

Sandee said...

I just updated Firefox last week and things are just beginning to smooth out. I too hate it when the new downloads adversely affect other functions. Very frustrating indeed.

Have a terrific day. :)

tahtimbo said...

Hi, thanks for the mention. Firefox can be tricky when downloading stuff, so here's what I did (found this out by accident when I went to download something and nothing happened). In your browser, go to Tools and then click Options. In the General tab go to where it says Downloads and Save To. Set that to Desktop.
You should now be able to download the Java update and actually be able to find it. I still have no idea where it put stuff.
Good luck.

Baby Sweetness said...

Dude, computers - the cause of and solution to all life's problems!

here's to 25 years of the internet!

BeadedTail said...

I noticed that about the Freekibble banners last night too so had to go get the new code for new banners which I don't like near as well either. It is frustrating!

Hope your frustrations get better soon!

Karen and Gerard said...

Daisy: I don't get why they changed it. At least I got the code now and it works. Yippee!

AttieCattie: I'm glad I found your blog, thanks to Daisy. I read about the fortune cookie catnip you sent her and clicked the link to your blog. Thanks for sending my the code! That was nice of you.

Sandy: Today when I got another Firefox update, I went on their support page and followed their instructions for adding that Java plug-in and it finally worked! Why do they have to fix things that aren't broke? One time I remember after an update I lost my whole Entrecard toolbar!

Tahtimbo: I finally got it fixed! Thanks for the tool menu tip. Mine saving place was set to downloads which makes sense. I just never knew I had that folder. I tried saving it to my desktop before (even though I don't like to clutter up my desktop) so this time I saved it to documents and it worked. Hmpf? I checked the box to always save the downloads to that download folder so now I know. I also discovered that when I go to my documents, if I click the folders icon at the top, it shows a whole list of folders, including the download one. Oh, I just remembered--I don't want ALL my downloads to go there. Sometimes I download pics for my blogs. Guess I'll have to change it back to asking me where I want each download to go.

Baby Sweetness: Amen!

Beaded Tail: Glad to see you agree with me and I'm not alone in this. Fortunately, things I could knock two of my frustrations off my list today!

tahtimbo said...

Thank you! That's where all that stuff went :) Cleaning it out now.

Lizzie said...

Hi, stopped by from SITS today. Nothing more frustrating than computer issues. I sit down for 5 minutes and next thing I know there is smoke coming from the kitchen. :)

tahtimbo said...

Hi, me again. Could you give me more information on the Flip software? Does it give you any error messages? Also, what operating system does your computer use, because I have been running into people who are using Vista having problems.
I'll try and get some useful info for you.

Karen and Gerard said...

Lizzie: Thanks for stopping by and supporting me. Good luck with your computer problems!

Tahtimbo: I am on windows XP. I tried just using the Flip like a flash drive and uploading the video from the My computer route and it worked! Editing looks a bit more difficult with the movie maker program than with the Flip software, but at least it worked. I tried it with the video I had planned to use for my Valentine's Day post and loaded it to my March 25, 2010 post: What Did You Compromise When You Married. Yea, now I can post videos again!

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