Friday, March 19, 2010

8 Things I Learned This Week--#63


According to my one new attorney, a study was done that showed people remember what is highlighted in orange better than what is highlighted in yellow so she uses orange highlighters.

Cleveland Browns

Brady Quinn is now a Denver Bronco. I wish him success and am sorry to see him go. Another shock was hearing Wimbley is now with the Oakland Raiders. This was a surprise because he really did good playing for the Browns. We wish him success too!

Blog: For Love or Funny

I am excited to have found a new blog this week that I really enjoyed. Lynn at For Love or Funny has a great variety of posts about her family, her dog, and just plain creative posts. I love the way she works her dog into her posts about other things too. If you like this blog, you'll love hers--it's so much better but along the same lines. Definitely worth visiting. Oh, and she wrote a book too: "Right Next to My Heart."

Red Pine Mountain

My blogging friend, Mountain Woman, has taken the leap and moved to a new blogging platform. Here is the link to her new fancy blog that you should be sure to visit:

Iditarod Race

I playing my trivia game, I learned that Lance Mackey and his dogs won the 1,150 mile sled dog race, The Iditarod. This is their 4th win in a row. It took them 9 days!

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Estimated attendance at the St. Patrick's Day parade in Cleveland was 400,000! I know there were lots of people out there (me being one of them for a short time), but 400,000 I think is exaggerating a bit. How would they even count all those people in just a couple hours anyway? It's not like there's a turn style and people are moving around all the time too with new ones coming and going like me. I wonder if they counted me.

Printing Problems

This morning when I went to print Gerard's updated March Madness bracket, I learned my printer was out of the Cyan blue ink and I didn't have any! I never ran out of a color before that I didn't have a replacement for. Not a good start to the day. I had planned a trip to OfficeMax tomorrow anyway. I have a $10 coupon and was going to go last week but forgot the coupon so just waited until this week to go. Oh well.

ESPN's March Madness Brackets

Gerard just told me this morning that 4.8 million people entered brackets on ESPN's website and only 56 had 100% of the picks right after Thursday. I'm surprised anyone got them all right with quite a few upsets. I got a little over half of mine right.

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Daisy said...

I always wonder how they get an attendance count at events like that, too. There must be some fancy way they make the estimate.

The Author said...

Thanks for the mention Karen. I never knew that about orange highlighter. How interesting. I'll go visit Lynn but I love your blog and I know it can't be better than yours. Don't sell yourself short because we all visit you because you are a special lady.
We had to buy printer ink recently and I couldn't believe how expensive it was. I'm glad you have the coupon.

Ms. G said...

I am switching to the orange highligher today.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Lynn Kellan said...

Thanks for your warm words about For Love or Funny!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Darn! I just bought new yellow highlighters!

I've always wondered how they count people at free events. got me thinking!

Have a great weekend!

Sandra said...

You learn such cool things... I always learn what I don't like about stuff... or about how many mistakes I make... LOL

Homestay Mama said...

Oh, thanks for mentioning Mountain Woman's blog. Now that she's moved I don't get those little automatic notices on my dashboard. I've got to figure out how to remedy that!

Interesting note about orange highlighters! I switched to orange awhile back because it stands out more! Now I understand the real reason why! Subconsciously I must have felt I was remembering those items better! Anything to help an aging brain, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hello there. I find that amazing how many people attended the St Patricks day parade that you mention. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! How funny!

Mr. Grinch is pleased to have Wimbley on his favorite team! :) Thanks for sharing!

Happy Sharefest Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I must remember the orange highlighter trick!

Interesting list!

Unknown said...

orange is better than yellow...i am gonna remember that...thanks.


Mrs4444 said...

Yup. Brain research tells us that color helps aide in remembering, but grays, blacks, browns, tans, yellows are not helpful. I have my students use color when they take notes. I think it works!

I wonder why we don't have St. Paddy's Day parades here.

I hate when I forget coupons at home!!

Have a great week, my friend :)

Karen and Gerard said...

Daisy: Nice to know I'm not the only one wondering about this.

Mountain Woman: Aw, you're so nice! That printer ink is expensive so I don't print very often. Mostly use it for my Sunday School newsletters and our Christmas letter. I print out pictures on it too.

Lynn from Love or Funny: You're welcome. I love you blog!

Crazy Coxes: Oops, too bad I didn't find this out before you bought your yellow ones.

Saundra: Thanks, I'm glad you find my revelations interesting! I try to look for positive, helpful things or sometimes things with wow or shock value. It just seems I manage to learn something new every week.

Homestay Mama: Mountain Woman has Friend Connect up and also a RSS feed option now. Go orange!

Cathy: So did I--can't believe it! That's about 6 times as much as fills Progressive Field!

Sexgrinch: Glad to know Wimbley will be appreciated!

It seems the orange highlighter information was my most interesting thing this week based on your comments. I let my attorney know!

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