Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Adventurous Woman—Katie Spotz!

I was so glad to see that Katie Spotz arrived safely at the end of her solo row boat trip across the Atlantic Ocean. According to the Cleveland PLAIN DEALER, it took her 70 days. She is 22 years old, making her the youngest to do this. She raised $70,060 for the Blue Planet Run Foundation. $30,000 covers the cost of providing a lifetime of clean water for 1,000 people.

I think she is one brave lady! She is so adventurous! Among her other amazing accomplishments are biking across the country, running 150 miles through the desert, and swimming the length of the Allegheny River. I can’t even imagine doing any of those things!

I think the most daring thing I ever did was to swing on a vine over a creek and riding on a roller coaster. It definitely pales in comparison, I know. What’s the most adventurous thing you ever did?

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Beth Zimmerman said...

I'm not very adventurous either! Certainly nothing in her class! I hadn't heard about her trip but enjoyed reading about her feats of daring-do on your blog! :)

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