Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Computer Mystery--Why Is That?

It seems as though almost every day something goofy happens with this computer of mine. Now, this morning the time is running off the screen in the bottom right corner. Why is that? Also sometimes, not always, when I open something the right side scroll bar is off the screen. I didn't adjust any sizes anywhere, maybe one of my cats did.

Oh well, minor things. Just another little puzzle to keep me from getting bored.

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Daisy said...

Computers are hard.

Kathy said...

Karen - Couple things you can try:

1. Reboot (I know. Sounds dumb, but sometimes this will cure oddities.

2. Right click the desktop and go to Properties, then Settings tab. Change the resolution to anything else. Set it. Then change it back to what you want.

3. In the same Properties, Settings window, make sure you don't have a 2nd monitor enabled (click on #2 monitor) and make sure it's not set to "Extend my windows desktop".

Other than that, I got nothin'. Daisy is right. Computers are hard.

Mrs4444 said...

You're funny (and sweet).

How about today, when I look at the bottom of my post and it says that you've linked to my SiMC post, but really, you haven't?! How strange.

Lin said...

Computers--love 'em when they are working, hate 'em when they aren't.

Claire said...

The clocks went forward this weekend, maybe your clock got the wrong idea? Hehehe xx

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