Sunday, March 15, 2009

We're Praying Together Again--Answered Prayer

Sometimes life just gets in the way of what’s important and we need to re-evaluate our priorities now and then. This is what happened with Gerard and I. God is so patient with us and works in our hearts even when we don’t always realize it. When we first got married, we spent a little time every day praying together. For some reason, we stopped and neither of us remember why, other than schedules change and we just never found a good time to do it. Last October I even wrote a post about this: Do You Pray Together?.

I missed it because before I was married, finding someone who I would feel comfortable praying with was on my “list” of things I was looking for in a mate. I thought Gerard was that guy because he suggested we always end our times together with prayer when we were dating. The last few years we made this one of our “New Year’s Resolutions” but it didn’t happen. Last year, I started to pray that God would give Gerard the courage to bring it up and that we would start praying together again and the strength to be the spiritual leader in our home.

Monday night, we were both having a restless night and out of the darkness, he says, “Karen, we’re going to start praying together again. I don’t know why we stopped, probably my fault, but we’re going to do it again starting today. When you get up at 4 o’clock, you wake me up and we’ll pray together.” I was so happy to hear him say that, not the 4 o’clock part though, not necessary for him to get up that early. I’ve been getting up at that time to get my Entrecard drops done before I go to work. (Some of you may have noticed my comments have been showing up earlier.) I said, “how about right after you get dressed instead of 4 a.m.?” He agreed and that is now our prayer time together.

If you want to see some change in your spouse, why not give God a chance and pray about it. Nagging usually doesn’t work and confrontation is usually uncomfortable. As Nora, my Bible Study leader for “The Excellent Wife” said one night, “duck and get out of the way so God can work.” This is what I decided to do and will continue to do.


The Author said...

I so enjoyed reading this post. Praying together is a way to keep a relationship strong and centered. However, I agree with you about the 4:00 a.m. part.

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