Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Grrrr--5 Things About Blogs I Find Annoying

Following is a list of things that I find annoying when reading blogs. Perhaps, if yours falls into one or more of these categories, you will accept it as constructive criticism, not as an insult. If you agree or disagree with any of these things, please leave a comment. Perhaps it's just me that find these things annoying. I'd like to know.

Black backgrounds that are difficult to read because of the color print or font size used. I really find black background blogs depressing unless its a photo blog. Here's a clue--if you use a black background or any dark background, use a light color for the print such as white, yellow, or pink and make it big enough for us old folks to read it easily. I find these are the easiest to read. If I have trouble reading your blog, chances are I won't bother. That's a time when I drop my card and move on. (i.e., Walking Newspaper)

I like to know the length of the posts up front. I find it annoying when I can't just read the entire post on the one page, but have to click "read more" to get to see the end of it although I will do it if I found the beginning of interest. (i.e., Happy Family Matters, Father Blogger)

It's very annoying when I have to look all over the blog for the Entrecard and then find it buried among a bunch of advertisements or worse yet, way at the bottom of the page! (i.e., Dwayne Dot Com, ) People who position their Entrecard way at the bottom of the page thinking that I will read posts on the way are Wrong! In fact, the farther down I have to go to find it takes me away from reading the posts. If it's near the top, then I will scroll down and focus on some posts to see if anything interests me there. Also, no way would I choose to advertise on these blogs. At least with the new "one page down" rule Entrecard is implementing, this annoyance should be gone. I noticed Walking Newspaper has moved it up some--it used to be in the footer which after I realized it, I would just automatically scroll all the way down to it and move on.

I dislike posts with narrow sidebars and wide posts that run almost across the whole screen. I will seldom read those either but fortunately, there are not too many. (i.e., Cheaper by the Half Dozen and More). This one I do read anyway because the blogger does have interesting posts.

Is there anything about my blogs that annoys you?


Daisy said...

I do not usually advertise if the Entrecard is far down on the page or hard to find, too. One thing that bothers me are sites with many blinking, flashing or animated widgets. Usually if someone has those, they have tons of them, not just one. Sometimes they make me feel dizzy.

Unknown said...

Oh all of those were spot on and I totally agree with all your gripes! My number one gripe is the black background blogs - I agree, there are often SO HARD TO READ! Most of the time I won't even bother to try to read.

Anonymous said...

Oh your blog is ok and I like it Karen. I do not know mine if you like it the color is blue but I put click to read more because I usually post a lost one and it really fit the whole page of the blog. Am sorry to hear about those annoying blogs. I have some that I do not like specially if many times I refresh the whole blog just to see the EC logo. Please tell me if what you do not want in my blog at least I can modify or change it. i put images when I post also because some people told me that they like to read if there are/is picture in it. But i do not know to other readers if they agree. Anyway I have a contest again maybe you like to join? (wink)

Sandee said...

Agree with you on the black background and the hard to read colored fonts. Try white if you must have a black background.

I have readmore...sorry.

Agree with you on the Entrecard widget hunt. I just move on if it's too difficult.

The big post don't bother me too much.

What about the music that automatically plays. That annoys me too.

Have a terrific day Karen. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings everyone!

Daisy--I agree, I don't like those animated widgets either! One is cute once in awhile, but it gets old pretty quick and just becomes annoying.

Carole--Glad to know I'm not alone here. Maybe some will see this and change it, especially if they read your comments and see I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Gengen--I like your color scheme and enjoy pictures with posts. I read on one of those blogging tip blogs that related pictures with posts are good and should be at the top of the post so I generally try to do mine that way.

Sandee--I know you have the read more on yours. I do click on it to read the whole joke. Is that the purpose of doing that, so you get clicks on your blog? Just curious? The automatic music doesn't bother me at all because I just keep my speakers off and only turn them on if I want to listen to a video.

Momgen said...

Thank you Karen for that. I read many tips on how to make your blog attractive to visitors but there is one fact you cannot please everybody so it is ok if some will not like the certain blog because some also like it. Have a
nice day.

The Author said...

I don't hunt for Entrecard widgets unless it is one of my favorite blogs. You can't make someone read your blog by dropping the card way down the page but that's why I think a lot of people do it.
I've got to go check out my blog. Maybe it's too dark for you. Ana did my design and I'm really happy with it but I think I'm breaking most of your other rules :)
I did find a blog yesterday that really drove me nuts. It had pop up ads appearing all over and I couldn't close the pop up to get to the blog so I left.

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