Friday, March 27, 2009

6 Things I Learned in Week 12 of 2009

Great Ideas

I found a whole list of activity suggestions to keep the romance alive for us old married couples--or those in a dating relationship at The Zoo Crew. The blogger there went to a marriage retreat and is sharing things she learned there on her blog. Some of the things listed that we will try include eating at a new restaurant, having breakfast at the part, making a list of places we'd like to go, maybe learn a new activity together, look at our videos or photo albums and a whole lot more. I bookmarked this list so I could find it again. I also printed it out so we can mark the things we want to do! click here to go to the list.


Remember Topps baseball cards? Now they come in 3-D. The players actually come to life! Check out the video at This blog has lots of interesting things.

Cats and Dogs

On the Misadventures of Me blog, I found a story about a guy who hated cats but did a favor for his son and took care of his cat which had kittens. Naturally he became attached to them but had to move from his condo so bought a trailer on a large piece of land and took in more and more cats which now has become Caboodle Ranch, a cat sanctuary. He is asking for donations for a fence to keep out the coyotes. He also has a blog at A Day At The Ranch. (My dad would have liked this guy and I'm sure would have made a donation!)

Companion dogs are used to help children with allergies and seizures and people with bipolar disorder, wounded veterans and people with psychiatric or memory conditions stay stable and safe. I found this out from an article in USA TODAY on March 25, 2009 titled "4 Paws and a tail at your service." Two sites that were given were and Companions for Independence).

Love Language Test

Thanks to Firefly 1824 in the Women Speak Shelfari discussion group, I found the "Love Language Test." I was having a hard time determining my primary language so this test helped. Go to to take the short quiz and find out your primary love language. (Be sure to let your spouse know!)

Cold Remedy

At Spicy Bugz this week I found out that drinking hot lemonade (the kind made with real lemons) will help you feel better when you have a cold! Click here to see the entire post and let her know if you ever heard of this before!


Daisy said...

That "A Day At The Ranch" website is amazing. I guess to really know cats it to love them!

Anonymous said...

You found some awesome sites this week :)

I got you added to my blogroll as well. Thanks so much for adding me!

Ratty said...

They used to make lemon flavored cold medicine in powder form that you'd mix with hot water.

BeadedTail said...

Those are all wonderful things you learned this week! I especially like the Day at the Ranch!

Karen and Gerard said...

Daisy & Beaded Tail--That Day at the Ranch was an interesting find all right!

Ratty--Hmm, I didn't know that. I knew there were the lemon flavored cough drops.

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