Sunday, March 29, 2009

How Hyper Are You?

This description is true about me. I like to get 7 hours of sleep a night--this is deep sleep all through the night! This is when I function best. My life is full and the time usually flies by. Somehow, time at home goes by faster than time at work though!
It Says I am 55% Hyper

You have a high amount of energy, but you're not manic about it.
You live a busy, full, and productive life.
You enjoy all sorts of activities, and you approach most tasks with enthusiasm.
You are also naturally social. You have plenty of time and resources to devote to friends.
While you are quite hyper, you do understand the importance of rest.
It's difficult to get yourself to slow down, but when you do, you enjoy it.

Gerard's 80% Hyper:

You have an energy unlike any other. You're full of pep.
People wonder how you are able to get so much done. You love to keep busy.
It's likely that you're very physically active as well. You have a lot of physical endurance.
You are also quite outgoing. You're quick to start up a conversation and make friends.
You have the drive, confidence, and motivation to take you far in life.
While you may tire some people out, someone else is always looking to feed off your energy.


The Author said...

I'm not sure about this quiz. I got 65% hyper and I don't think I'm hyper at all.
How does Gerard handle being 80% hyper? Wow.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Gerard is very hyper. He's always busy doing something and wants to be moving unless he's watching the Red Sox, Bruins or Patriots. Even after working all day on his feet, he comes home, stands to eat supper and starts cleaning something.

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