Friday, December 5, 2008

Four Things I Learned This Week--Part 12

I've been wondering for some time how to get my comments to give Commentluv and now I found a post over at Tech Chalet that explains how to do it. It sounds complicated though, so I most likely will put off changing mine until next year. Maybe I'll make it a New Year's resolution!

I found a very good post Please Give Gift To Homeless Animal over at Jodi's Journey that said shelters accept non-monetary gifts as well, such as litter, canned food, paper towels and even used towels so we shouldn't throw those away! We need to donate our used towels to an animal shelter.

I found a neat idea for making use of old Christmas cards--decorate a Christmas tree with them! Unfortunately, I don't remember whose blog I found this on but if I find out, I'll certainly include a link to your post here. I tried this for our small tree and it looks nice. I can put it right by our cat area in the living room and not worry about them ruining anything. So what if they knock over a few cards. See my previous post about this.

I discovered a new interactive site for readers and authors when visiting A Book Inside. It's called Author and Book Event Center. I just joined myself on Wednesday. If you like to read or have published a book, it's really worth checking out.


DayPhoto said...

I just bookmarked both sites and will visit them as I have time, later today.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these ideas. I'll have to remember that about donating old towels to an animal shelter.

You had asked over on my blog about backing up your blog. My web host has a thing I can click on, and they'll back up my blog on their servers. I don't know about Blogspot, though. Do they have any help pages you could check?

I'm glad to hear you got your hard drive backed up. I've been on this new hard drive for close to two months, and I haven't done anything to back it up. I need to do that!!

Daisy said...

I know the cats at my local shelter really appreciate canned food, it's a special treat for them. And definitely used towels. Most of the cats use litterboxes with towels folded inside for beds because the towels are easily changed and washed.

Anonymous said...

I really look forward to this kind of post from your blog. I learn a lot from your sharing. Thanks again.

Tech Chalet said...

It's not that hard to install commentluv, but it will take a bit of time to learn it.

Learn it on a practice blog first, then it won't matter if you make mistakes.

Tech Chalet said...

ooops, wrong email...Tech's other blog under construction still).

The Silver Age Sara said...

I'm glad you are visiting Alan's blog. It's a pretty special place. I'm going to try his suggestions too because I've been wanting Comment Luv on my blog to recognize the people who take the time to comment.
I love the other ideas as well.
Thanks again for this weekly post.

Alan said...

Commentluv post was moved to my new blog

if anyone is looking for it.

(if this comment double posted, just delete one, tks.)

Karen and Gerard said...

Alan, thanks for letting me know. I changed the link in the post along with your blog picture. Hope your new blog is a success!

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