Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Disappointing Trip to F.Y.E.--Seller Beware!

On Black Friday, I saw as sign at F.Y.E. that said "We Buy Old Cd's" so I thought, Great! I'll trade in my old ones, get some money, and then buy some new ones. Yesterday while being off work, I took 12 good Cd's to F.Y.E. I had a new CD all picked out to get (Taylor Swift's new one). So what did I get for 12 Cd's? A whole $2.00! Now I can go Christmas shopping at the Dollar Store, yippee!! As my friend, Leo the Lion, would say, "POOF"!!! I was very disappointed to say the least--so much so that I wrote this post about it to warn others.


Anonymous said...

12 CD's for $2? That's crazy! I would have left that store with my 12 CD's.

Anonymous said...

if you want, i'll take the teo dollars

Anonymous said...

I think I'd have kept my CDs too. You got jipped, Karen!

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