Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shopping Fun By Spunky Doodle

Spunky Doodle wanted me to post her video on my blog as well, so here it is:

Gerard had laid his big shopping bag on the table in preparation for our "Black Friday" shopping excursion. When I looked up, there was Spunky Doodle inside the bag as far as possible (it was folded up at that time), swatting at the hanging strings and just having a ball. I opened the bag up for her but that chased her away. Manny, however, noticed her having some fun and jumped up and went in to give it a try himself. By the time I got the camera, Spunky was already up there telling him to get out because she was ready to go back in!

Hey Manny, look what I found!

Bags are great fun, even better with strings!

All right, Spunky, you can have it back. I just wanted to try it out too!

Good thing Manny knows I am still the No. 1 cat around here.

Special wonderful Site to Create a Personal Christmas Card Using Your Pets:
I would normally wait until Friday to post this in my "Things I Learned This Week Post", but then it would be too late since Christmas is only two days away! J Louis shared this great Christmas Card site for pet owners, www.petcentric.com/crittercarols/?DCMP=RAC-PETC-DogTm-Carol08&HQS=Blog in the comments on "My Funny Dad, Harry" blog at "Are You Sending Christmas Cards This Year?"
It allows you to create animated e-cards featuring a chorus of singing and dancing pets that bark or meow your favorite holiday songs. What's more fun is that you can even use your friends' or your own pet's photos.


Mary said...

Funny. Mine love any kind of box or bag. Just like my children...they always like the box better than the prize that was in it. Merry Christmas!

Sandee said...

That was very cute. It's good to be the #1 cat too.

Have a purrfect day. Big hug to Karen. :)

Jodi's Book Reviews said...

dat wuz funnys. we hopes you and your hoomans have a wonderfurr Christmas.

Unknown said...

Aw Manny you will get a turn next time I hope. Spunky is like Skitto, they are the queen bees and what they say goes.

Have a very Merry Christmas Karen along with your family. God bless.


Daisy said...

Bags are fun. Strings are fun. A bag WITH strings is DOUBLE the fun!

The Silver Age Sara said...

I enjoyed watching Spunky play with the bag. I sure wish we could have cats at our home. They are very entertaining.

BeadedTail said...

Cats and bags are so much fun! Manny might need his own bag though!

Liz said...

Wishing you and yours JOY, LOVE & PEACE this holiday season. Merry Chrismas!

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Ana said...

We wish you a very Merry Christmas! May the holidays be bright and sparkling!

Purrs and Snuggles from Chica, Pumuckl and Ana - www.chica-pumuckl.blogspot.com

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