Monday, December 22, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho . . . What Would You Like For Christmas

How about 100 people signing our guest book on here. If you haven't signed in yet, please do! We're so close!

How about 25 followers of our blog? That would be wonderful! It really encourages us as we see more faces added to our followers.

How about some feature or topic ideas? We'd like to post topics of interest to our readers, of course, so feel free to give us any suggestions you have or let us know what type of posts you like best and we'll try to do more of those.

How about some more book sales and more good customer reviews? (If you read and liked "My Funny Dad, Harry," please spread the word. I really think word of mouth is the best publicity! Click here to order now.

I remember when I was a very little girl, in preschool actually, when I went to see Santa. I shocked him when I said I'd like "Checkers" for Christmas. He was a very nice person and offered to come over and play with me sometime. My mom was upset that he said that because she knew I would be thrilled and then disappointed. As soon as he said it, he knew he goofed. I was just thrilled at the idea that Santa would even want to play checkers with me!

What would you like for Christmas?


Sandee said...

World peace. Love, happiness, health, and a long list of other warm and happy things.

Have a terrific day. :)

tahtimbo said...

I would love to follow your blog, but can't find the "follow this blog" button. Am I just missing it?
What would I like for Christmas? For my kids to have a good Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I wish for Peace!

Peace in the family, Peace amongst all Faiths, Peace across Political divides, Peace to the Suffering and the Needy, Peace within my own mind and heart.

This World has become so dangerously fragile - we MUST rediscover PEACE!

Jade said...

Now I liked the way you asked- nicely and not demanding. It was enough to get me to follow (another motivator was your blog's quality! I never thought about the follow function though, until you mentioned it)! :)


Quick tip: it would be helpful to have "follow this blog" button on here somewhere. :)

For those who want to follow a blog that does not have the "follow this blog" button:

1. Go to your blogger dashboard. The address should be something like this:

2. Now scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the "blogs I'm following" tab.

3. Click on the blue "ADD" button. In the pop up that appears, type or paste in the address of the blog you want to follow. Now click on the orange "NEXT" button.

4. Chose to follow publicly or anonymously and click on the orange "FOLLOW" button.

5. That should do it!

P.S Thanks for keeping this fun blog going! I for one really appreciate it!

Have a great Christmas yourself.

Karen and Gerard said...

World peace would be wonderful, but according to the Bible, it won't happen until Jesus returns again to rule for 1,000 years. One day, there will be peace thanks to God.

Tahtimbo & Jade:
Oh, I'm so excited to see more followers joining. I guess my "Follow This Blog" button is a bit hidden, but it's to the left at the top of my most recent post. Right under "Followers" it says "Follow This Blog." You could just click on that and it should do it. Thanks for the compliment too! I really enjoy doing this blogging thing!

The Author said...

I really don't want anything special for Christmas. I have everything I need and that in itself is a blessing. I would wish that others might experience joy and peace and happiness.
I enjoy your Friday posts especially and your book review on Sunday but all your posts are wonderful.
I'm sure that by this time next year you'll have over 100 followers as this wonderful place in the blogosphere becomes discovered by many others.
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

We do so many stupid things, I'm considering posting a weekly post called "Stupid Things We Did This Week." What do you think of that idea?

Anonymous said...

We got our 100 guest book signers.
We are only short one follower for 25!
We thank you for your feedback about our post, and
We did sell some books this month because on Amazon it is 49 in non-fiction today when I checked (12/28).

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