Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Rook Is Fun if You Like Card Games

Rook is a card game with four suits:  black, green, red, yellow and numbers 1-14.  You can play just about any game with these cards that you can with a normal deck.  There are a variety of specific games listed in the table of contents of the rule book though from games for just two to games of as many as 6 players.  My husband and I played the regular Rook game for two and Tennessee for Two (fun card game for two).  Both games involved bidding, naming trump and taking tricks.  The only point cards are 14s and 10s which count 10 points and 5s which count 5 points.  High bidder names trump, but unlike other card games, the non-bidder leads first.  I thought it was fun because I like card games; however, Gerard just played along to make me happy.  He never wanted to bid so it wasn't very challenging.  Obviously, I won all these since I was able to name trump for the opening bid every hand.

This was my first introduction to playing cards as a kid.  Have you ever played with these cards?

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Brian said...

I thought we played that many moons ago but the cards sure don't look familiar!

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