Thursday, April 30, 2020

5 Things That Put Me in a Better Mood Instantly

Here are the things that instantly put me in a better mood:
Clear Blue Skies

1)  I love getting up early enough to see the sunrise.  It reminds me that God's mercies are new every morning and he has given us another day.  Also, a sunny day with clear blue skies always helps me mood.  All I need to do is look up and enjoy the view.  It's very calming.

petting my cat, Spunky Doodle
Boxing my Kindle cord

2)  My cat Spunky Doodle always improves my mood when I take time to pet her.  Also, when she does cute things like hide under blankets or rugs, go in new places like the sink, refrigerator, cupboard.  When she is in play mode, I enjoy playing with her with a shoelace on the bed or ping pong ball on the steps, or spinning her in a chair.  We've played lots of different games over the years.  Even when I just see a cat in someone's window or yard while we walk in our neighborhood, it puts me in a better mood!  I love cats!
favorite cookies
Pizza, my favorite food

3)  Good food always improves my mood.  I used to eat pizza 4 days a week, but stopped when I had to watch my salt intake to lower my blood pressure and besides, my husband would get heart burn from it.  Now I only have it on rare occasions.  My husband and I both enjoy the Pinwheels though.  He surprises me sometimes by bringing me one of these now and then.  Chocolate and marshmallow has always been a favorite combination for me since I was little and my grandma introduced me to marshmallow eggs at Easter!

A good Pinochle hand--a run, aces around and double Pinochle (doesn't get much better)

Beating my record high game on Word Wipe

Making a good shot in Pickleball, leading to winning

Making a great shot on the golf course leading to making par

Watching the Browns actually win a game!

4)  Winning always puts me in a better mood instantly!  Doesn't really matter what it is.  I love playing games and when I win, it always improves my mood.  I haven't golfed for a long time because my husband does enjoy it and it takes a lot of time to do (for me) and is pretty expensive.  I hope to go again though sometime.  I used to love bowling too, especially when I was the anchor on my team and finished strong in the tenth frame to pull out a win.

5)  Yes, I must admit, even my dog, Roxy, puts me in a better mood instantly at times.  I love seeing her energy when she gets the zoomies in the house, or starts running after rolling in the grass.  Sometimes I encourage her to run through the house.  I feel bad we can't let her run free outside since we have a small yard that isn't even fenced.  When I used to sleep in while she went on her morning walk with my husband, she would come running in to greet me with jumping on the bed and giving me a big sloppy kiss.  I no longer sleep in but join her for her early morning walks but we do enjoy porch time together!

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Brian said...

That was a cool list, a purrfect five!

Lin said...

It's amazing how simple our joys are when we take the time to think about them. Who can wait for the big stuff to come along to make us happy...I like everyday simple joys! I see you do too. Liked your list!

Patty said...

My favorite here is the sunrise and I'm missing that simple joy this morning since everything here is covered with a heavy blanket of fog. It makes getting through another stay-at-home day a little more difficult.

But, for each of us to get through this situation, it's so important to grab hold of every simple pleasure possible!

Stay safe!

Madamdreamweaver said...

Awww, your kitty pictures so remind me how much I miss my cat. She passed last Nov of old age. She was black & white, too.

KatBouska said...

Who knew you were so competitive! Winning puts me in an instant good mood too!

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