Friday, April 10, 2020

Hollywood Squares Is Fun and Easy!

Hollywood Squares was pretty fun.  Although I won $500 to $200, my husband made it competitive.  This was a TV show on a long time ago and is played the same way.  It's like tic-tac-toe, trying to be the first to get three squares in a row any direction.  In this game though, you answer questions before getting a square.  When it is your turn, your opponent answers a question and you simply must either agree or disagree.  If you are correct, you get the square.  If not, your opponent gets the square.  The only exception is that if the square will give you a win, then you have to actually get a question right and not get it by your opponent missing.  When answering, you can purposely answer wrong if you like or sometimes make up an answer that sounds possible to bluff your opponent into agreeing with you.  Or, you can even act uncertain and knowingly give the right answer to try to trick them into disagreeing.

Winning a game gets you $100 and there are some bonus questions that if answered correctly gives you an extra $100.  These questions are pretty easy because most are multiple choice or true or false.  The games go quickly.

I have used this game in my Sunday School classes from time to time as well, with Bible questions and the kids liked it.

Have you seen the show or played this game?

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Brian said...

HA! The Dad says he always liked the funny answers Paul Lynde would give!

Karen and Gerard said...

Yes, my mom used to like Paul Lynde too!

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