Monday, April 6, 2020

Made My Corona Virus Mask

With the new suggestion to wear a mask when out in public where you can't guarantee you can keep the 6' social distance, I decided to try making one after seeing this easy video on Facebook.  No sewing needed is what got my attention.  When I did mine, I found a pair of socks I never wear and just cut off the top part to use for the mask.  I sure don't want to be part of the problem and spread it to anyone else in case I have it and don't know it.

I saw there were lots of different videos showing easy ways to make masks.  I still think wearing a sign that says "stay away" might be a good idea though!  What about you?  Are you wearing a mask when you go to a store?

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annies home said...

very scary and yet so needed in these uncertain times. I pray that you stay safe and if you find time come visit us at

Lin said...

I am making masks with Hepa filter vacuum bags and quilting cotton. I have used up all of my elastic and now I can't get anymore...BUT I do have instructions for using other materials for tying them instead of the elastic.

Brian said...

The Mom and Dad used some older cloth dinner napkins and rubber bands, works great!

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