Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Social Distancing At Veteran's Memorial Park

Last week we noticed some new signs up at the beginning of the walking paths to assist people in keeping 6 feet apart.  I really liked the park was trying to help people keep a safe distance.  When you meet people going the opposite direction, it is hard to keep 6 foot away when passing, especially if the grass is muddy or full of water to make it hard to leave the path.

We follow the signs but it really bugs me when I see people who don't.  There is a path on either side of the road that cuts through the park, so on one side you would walk west and the other side east.  This morning, three people with a dog were walking the wrong way.  I thought maybe they didn't notice the signs, but then I saw them actually stop to read it and they continued going the wrong way anyhow!

Why can't people take this virus seriously by now?  Why can't everyone be patient and follow the guidelines?  It's really not too much to ask when lives are at risk, is it?  Are you one who follows rules or one who disregards them?

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Lin said...

Amen, sister! I can't believe how inconsiderate people on the trails are!

Here, we have people walking 2 and 3 wide, so that means Joe and I have to go off the trail on uneven terrain to the side. They don't care...they are visiting with their friends, after all. Ugh! Second are bikers who come up behind us and don't warn us with a "bike on your left" yell. I think we are going to get out on the trail before 7 a.m. to avoid the morons.

Brian said...

Sometimes you just gotta be honest, idiots don't take anything seriously. It's the same way here!

Karen and Gerard said...

Lin: Before 7 is really early! We usually go to the park at 9:00. It is more crowded in the afternoon. Same here about joggers and bikers coming up on us from behind, no warnings given.

Brian: Agreed.

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