Thursday, December 10, 2009

What a Nice Bank Teller! (Writer's Workshop)

It's so easy to make a mistake in my checkbook. I do online banking now and both our checks are automatically deposited so I do not go to the bank every week like I used to. When I got a nice cash Christmas/Birthday gift from one of my bosses, I went to the bank to deposit it in my checking.

First off, I gave the teller my deposit slip but forgot to give her my money . . . oops. She was very nice and simply asked if I had the money. I quickly pulled it out of my coat pocket and gave it to her, thanking her for being so nice and not saying, "Give me the money you dumb woman." Then she mentioned that I had two overdrafts on my account. I was shocked! She was very nice, again not calling me stupid or anything and told me which checks were overdrawn, both I had written. She said she'd waive the fees which were $35 each for a total of $70!

Good thing I had some cash to deposit so I had to go to the bank. (I got a bank notice about it which didn't come in the mail until the next week or so.)

I couldn't get back to the office fast enough to reconcile my checkbook. It was longer than I thought that I had done this (time goes so fast) and I found not one, but two numbers that I simply copied down wrong. One was the balance when I carried it forward to the next page which was a $100 error and the other was an incorrect amount for my phone bill which resulted in a $32 error.

I was so grateful to her for waiving the fees and took her a little gift the next day to show my appreciation-an autographed book of "My Funny Dad, Harry," a decorative Christmas boot with some chocolate covered pretzels and a little card with my PNN blog URL letting her know where she could read about what a nice teller she is.

Although I made stupid mistakes, which happen, because of them, I received a blessing and in turn can be a blessing to someone else. Little acts of kindness can really make someone's day. How about this for a New Year's Resolution: Be kind to someone each day and try not to do so many stupid things!

This was revised from an earlier post on another blog in response to the Mama Kat's Workshop prompt to tell about a time when a stranger helped you out. Go visit her to participate or see other posts.

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MrsW said...

One of the saddest things about the banking crisis is the impending closure of local branches and the loss of staff who not only know you but speak the same language. I don't know if it's the same in the US but the day when ALL the banks and insurance companies have farmed their customer service out to India from the UK are frighteningly near. Such kindesses as you describe (I've had a few friendly fee waivers myself!) will disappear. Tis sad.

Sandee said...

I too have made mistakes that I find later. Makes you feel like you can't add or subtract. You know that simple math thing. I'm glad she waived the overdraft charges and you rock for giving her a gift for being kind. Excellent.

Have a terrific day Karen. :)

Jude said...

How very nice of that teller. My old bank made a 400 dollar mistake in my account. I wrote a check for 40 dollars and they had it down for 400 which made all my other checks bounce not once, but twice and I didn't even know it till my statement came. They had me owing them 100's of dollars Thank goodness I kept all my checks so I could prove their mistake. Of course the dropped all charges, but the people that I had written the checks too didn't know it was the banks fault and they refused to issue a written letter that I could send to those people.

Oops sorry didn't mean to get so carried away. At any rate acts of kindness and paying it forward has always been a great idea.So nice of you to take her a gift for her kindness.

Unknown said...

You are so sweet. I love that you gave her a small gift. How sweet. That is very kind. I hope she loves the book and I hope that she comes over to visit here and sees this great post!

tahtimbo said...

That was very nice of her to do that. It is very rare that you find someone who is willing to do something nice.
It was also a very thoughtful thing for you to do. Not many people will go out of their way to say thank you like you did. It really means a lot.

KatBouska said...

I just love it when normal people do the "right" thing. Makes me feel so warm inside.

Melissa said...

Forgetting to hand over the money seems like something I would do! I've been so scatterbrained lately. I'm so glad that she did that for you. That doesn't happen often. And I love that you took her a gift. I bet that made her day! I love the idea of doing something nice for someone unexpectedly.

Helene said...

She sounds like a wonderful person and it most definitely was a nice thing that she did for you! How sweet that you took her a gift!

Kathy said...

I know of no bank around here that would waive those fees! You are a lucky woman. And a kind one, too, for taking her such nice gifts for her help. I loved reading this.

Los said...

Sometimes a little act of kindness goes a long way ... I try to be nice to as many people I can, and I can only hope that this encourages those to be nice to others.

The Author said...

What an uplifting story! Karen, that was very generous of you.

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