Friday, December 4, 2009

3 Things I Learned This Week--Part 48

Chicago Cats Need Home

UPDATED 12/4/09: I just discovered an urgent need for a couple of Chicago cats at Can You Help Some Buddies In Need over at Daisy, the Curly Cat. The owner is moving and cannot bring the cats because they are moving in where someone is allergic. I know how hard it is to try to find a good home for cats that you wish you could keep but can't because I went through it when looking for a home for my dad's cats after he died. If you are in the Chicago area, please check out this link for more details. UPDATED: In the comments, JD said these cats have found a good home!


After losing out on a good deal on Black Friday sticking to my "don't buy things on impulse" rule, I learned that if you see something you like and it's on sale, buy it right then. Check out my shopping Trip post that taught me this.

Fake Hallmark E-cards

Please be aware of fake E-cards being sent from Hallmark! The link in the card directs you to a malicious site. The easiest way to tell the difference between a real hallmark E-card and fake is, E-cards sent from Hallmark will have the correct email address of the sender, it will not be from Hallmark and the senders name will be in the body of the message.

Mr. Linky

I thought I'd try using Mr. Linky on these posts, we'll see if it works.

I'm trying out the Mcklinky on here for the first time. Just thought it would be nice if you shared what you learned during the week too. You could post any day during the week and link up here. What did you learn this week?

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Daisy said...

I switched to MckLinky a while ago after the problem with Mr. Linky. It's pretty easy to use!

Anonymous said...
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BeadedTail said...

I'm not sure what Mr. or McLinky is but I'll have to check it out. As for the buying on impulse, I tried to stop doing that too but after losing out on deals I go ahead and buy and return it later if I change my mind. I actually did this at Disneyland this week - I bought a jacket I thought I had to have but ended up returning it when I realized I didn't need it after all.

JD at I Do Things said...

Thank you so much for sharing the story of Lucky and Minnie! I just put up a post of my own today.

(The owner is the brother of my sister-in-law's sister, and she (my sister-in-law) asked if I could help.)

I so appreciate all the support and good wishes from everyone in the blogging community!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Daisy: I didn't notice there is a difference.

Beaded Tail: From now on, I will do this concerning sale items. I shop so seldom that I come across sales so when I encountered this one, I wasn't ready for it.

JD: Sure hope Lucky and Minnie get a good home. Thanks for acknowledging my post on your blog.

Amy said...

stopping by from SITAS to say hi..

JD at I Do Things said...

Good news!

Lucky and Minnie have found a home! Thank you again SO MUCH for sharing their story. I was just overwhelmed by everyone's kindness and good thoughts.

It's a Christmas miracle!

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