Saturday, December 26, 2009

7 Things I Learned This Week-Part 51

No Hanukkah, No Christmas

I found an interesting post about the connection between Hanukkah and Christmas over at Chosen People Ministries. Check it out for yourself and Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends!

Big Cat Rescue Center

I found out on Twitter that The Big Cat Rescue Center is Animal Planet's Hero of 2009.

Christmas Tradition

She wraps up all their Christmas books each year (or you could do videos too) and then in the days before Christmas lets the kids open one each night and they read by the light of the Christmas tree, followed with some hot chocolate and sing a carol and read some scriptures. What a great way for some family time, I love this idea!


I wondered when the best time to post is for Twitter and this week over at SITS How Often Should You Post I learned it's best to post between 10 and 2 p.m. ET Monday-Friday. Studies show that lunch time in the U.S. is the most active time for Twitter. For this post though, it goes up early because I usually link it to Friday Fragments at Half Past Kissin' time and can't do that when I'm at work.

Free Gym Memberships

In the PLAIN DEALER last Saturday I saw an article about three-month free gym memberships for Cuyahoga County residents at the YMCA and Curves beginning 2010. This is awesome! All you have to do is show up and exercise at least three times a week and check-in to track your progress. Go to to sign up now!

Dogs & Christmas

When playing my Freekibble trivia this week, I was surprised to learn that according to poll, only 60% of dog owners will buy Christmas gifts for their dogs this year. We always buy Christmas gifts for our pets and look forward to Abby's first Christmas with us this year! Abby even picked out something for our cats when I took her with me to PetSmart.


I watched the season finale and was surprised to learn that Natalie won and not Russell. I thought he played a great game right from the start--it seemed as though he was in complete control. I liked Natalie and give her credit for not only making it to the end but actually winning it all! You go, girl! Russel was impressive though finding the immunity idols without any clues. He looked so sad when he lost. The next season of Survivor starts in February and will have previous survivors on separated into the Nice guys (Heroes) vs. the manipulative, nasty players (Villains). It should be interesting I think since all of them will have had previous experience.

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mimbles said...

I wouldn't have bought the dog a Christmas gift, but the kids did, or at any rate they put a new squeaky toy for her in the trolley when we were at the supermarket. She knew which present was hers too, my daughter had been squeezing the wrapped package and making it squeak in the few days before Christmas so when it came to unwrapping time Clara was very interested in what was inside. She's been carrying it around non-stop ever since.

The cats don't get presents, they wouldn't be interested in anything that wasn't alive and that'd just be traumatic all round :P

mimbles said...

P.S. Your MckLinky link over at Mrs4444's place is broken, there's an extra "l" at the end.

Mrs4444 said...

Thanks, Mimbles :) I fixed the link!

I'm the meanie who doesn't include pets in my Christmas shopping, but Mr.4444 picks up my slack. I just don't get attached to pets. Maybe I'll blog about that...

I went the the Hanukkah/Christmas connection page and found it a little hard to follow, but I did get the gist. Thanks for the link!

I don't usually tweet until late at night, so I suppose most people are missing my gems, but in the grand scheme of things, I think I'll survive :)

Hope you (and your pets) had a wonderful Christmas, Karen.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Hubs and I were not pleased with the Survivor results! Russell played those people like no one else has! He was the ultimate puppet master- up until the very end. He only lost because there were too many egos on the jury who couldn't admit to being totally outplayed.

Sandee said...

We always get something for our dog each Christmas and her birthday too. She's part of the family.

Have a terrific weekend Karen. :)

BeadedTail said...

Our dogs and cats got way more presents than we did this year! It's so fun watching them open them up, how could anyone deny them of presents?

Russel was downright mad he didn't win Survivor but I have a feeling he's going to be on the next season so maybe he'll win that one!

Daisy said...

At first I couldn't stand Russell (when he started off doing silly things like burning socks and emptying canteens), but I came to respect his mastery of the game. I think he did deserve to win, and I felt sorry for him because he seemed so crushed.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Glad your kids are looking out for your dog! Our dog wasn't much impressed with her stuff (boots and a nice soft bed) until she got her bone. Our cats like presents--this year they got cat grass, a long tunnel from the dog and laser beam toys which is they're favorite.

Mrs4444: Aren't your pets part of your family? Glad your husband at least looks out for them! I agree that Hanakkah connection to Christmas is a bit confusing but I thought it was just me. I'm sure you'll survive too. We had a wonderful Christmas, thanks!

Eternal Lizdom: I agree Russel played a great game and maybe you're right about the jury just not wanting to admit they were outwitted.

Sandee: Yea for your pets!

Beaded Tail: I'm not surprised that you give your pets presents too. I figured you would. I think Russel will be back next season too. Even the host, Jeff, seemed to think he should have won! He spent more time asking him question than he did Natalie, the winner.

Daisy: It seems we have the same view about Russel.

Helene said...

Karen, I was shopping for a gift for my mom and I came across an entire aisle dedicated to Christmas gifts for cats and dogs. They had snuggies for dogs, reindeer ears and Santa hats for instantly made me think of you!!!

Hope you and Gerard had a wonderful Christmas!!

The Author said...

Although I didn't agree with all of Russell's tactics (dumping the water and the socks too), I thought he was one of the best players ever and he should have one. I joined his Facebook fan club page. I imagine he'll be on the next one as a villain.

I don't tweet anymore. Just one more thing I couldn't figure out why I was spending the time doing it.

Interesting post as always Karen.

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