Saturday, June 20, 2009

Top Comments Of This Week

This one made me laugh:
Heidi has left a new comment on your post "Library Doesn't Have What You Want, Try Paperback Swap:

I love books and so do my kids and I cannot wait to check it out. When I was a kid I made my mom read, Where the Wild Things Are every night practically.

On Pearl, Perfect Dog For Us? I thought this was the most interesting comment:
Mountain Woman said:
Karen, I own 7 dogs, I've trained dogs for years, I've competed in obedience and agility with dogs so I consider myself pretty knowledgeable. I'm not sure you have the best situation for a dog because your cats are so happy and relaxed and you work. If Gerard is home during the day, that would make a difference but dogs require lots of time and any dog you bring in, older, puppy, whatever creates an entirely different set of problems.
I think you are doing a wise thing by waiting.


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