Friday, June 5, 2009

5 Things I Learned This Week--Part 22


At More Than Sew So I learned cars are now being made without pedals or steering wheels--the new Benz!

Yahoo Answers

UPDATED 6/12/09: Here's a post I found with more ideas for getting rid of ants in your house without chemicals: Rid Your Home of Ants Without Chemicals at http://blog.wereliving
I found ants in my cats' food bowl Friday when I got home from work. How do you keep ants out of the cats' food? I looked it up on and sure enough, it has been asked before. The best answer by Katslookup--not suspended yet was to spray Home Defense around the OUTSIDE of the house, windows, doors, foundation but also place the bowl inside a larger dish filled with water so there is a moat around the cat's food bowl. Ants can't swim so won't be able to get to it! I tried this and it worked! No ants crawling in the food since, just some around the bowl which I promptly squashed with my fingers. Have you ever used Yahoo Answers find a solution to a problem? You might want to give it a try. (Here is a link to the post I wrote about it: Keeping Ants Away With a Moat and Use For Good China.

Photos to Paintings

At I found out there's a site, called Paint Your Life that takes your photo and makes an oil painting of it! Wouldn't that be a cool gift!!

Entrecard Ad Change-Yay!

Big Change to the Ad Network: Only Entrecard Blogs
Moving forward, we're making a big chance to the Ad Network. From here on out, only Active Entrecard Members can advertise via our ad network. We listened carefully to all your feedback during the trial phases of our ad network, and one thing that kept recurring is that you only wanted bloggers and other Entrecarders advertising on your widget. So, we're going ahead and making that change. From now on, the only advertisers approved into the Entrecard Ad Network will be advertising an Entrecard blog with an Entrecard Widget, just the way you like it!

Someone Read and Liked My Book

Lucky Lady did a nice review of my book on her blog and gave me permission to repost it on my blogs. I was so glad she liked it because she worked so hard to find eight correct answers to the give-a-away contest I ran. For Lucky Lady's reviewclick here


Mrs4444 said...

My husband is a big fan of ant killer around the outside of the house; he does it every year, and it works like a charm. Now, if he could just put Spider Defender down, we'd be perfect!

BeadedTail said...

Very clever about the moat around the cat food bowl!

And I finished your book last night and enjoyed it very much! It was everything you said and more! I felt myself going through the emotions that you must have been feeling when dealing with your dad from happiness and laughter to frustration and even sadness. Thank you so much!

Modern Mom said...

Thanks Karen, I'm going to check Paint Your Life. :) Enjoy your Sunday!

The Author said...

I use Yahoo answers lots of time and find some good stuff there. Glad you solved your ant problem. I'm also glad Entrecard decided to do some changing.
I'm off to read the review of your book and to see about pictures turned into paintings. Great idea!

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