Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Graduate Can You Surprise?

I remember when I graduated from High School, how happy I was to be out and what an important event it was in my life; however, I was even more thrilled when I graduated from college knowing that now I was really done! Back than graduation parties were not as common as they are today. We just had some relatives over and whatever cards we got in the mail from friends or family. I was very grateful to my Aunt Martha and Dorothy for giving me my first car for graduation, their Rambler back in 1971.

I was also very surprised when I got a card with a check in the mail from someone at church. It was completely unexpected. It came from Norm, the friendliest and biggest man I ever knew even though had no real connection with him other than just greeting each other on Sunday mornings. He talked to everyone from kids up through seniors. He passed away, but I'll never forget him and his heart for youth!

Now, it's my turn to brighten a graduate's day and surprise them with a card and a check they are not expecting. I thought it was such a nice gesture and I enjoy doing it now, although I limit it to graduates that I have taught along the way or have had some kind of connection with such as a fellow puppeteer or VBS worker. Graduation is a milestone in a person's life that is nice to share in the celebration.

Why not get a card and write a check for a graduate you know, or give them a car if you have a spare? I am surprising eight this year, with checks, not cars. How many will you surprise?


Mike Golch said...

I was glad to out of school also.I just wish that I had applied mysel harded.

Lin said...

My daughter just graduated from 8th grade and my husband's side "does not celebrate" grade school graduations, so the party will be a little sparse. We've received a few cards, but people don't think to send them anymore. I think you are right--it is a nice treat! How kind of you to do that for the kids.

Lynn said...

What a nice idea. I'll bet it really means a lot to the youth who receive the cards and/or gifts.

Sandee said...

Only one this year, my granddaughter. She did get a card with money inside and next month on her birthday (18 years old) we are buying her a car.

What a nice thing you are doing though. Good for you.

Have a terrific day. :)

The Author said...

What a wonderful idea Karen!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Mike: Probably a lot of people feel that way. As the saying goes, "Too soon old, too late smart."

Lin: Some families are just closer than others. Seems people generally celebrate more often than they used to when I was growing up. I think that's nice!

Lynn: I know it meant a lot to me! Hopefully, it will to the ones I send to too.

Sandee: Grandmas are great! How nice of you to buy her a car for her 18th birthday!

Mountain Woman: It's just something I like to do.

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