Friday, June 26, 2009

Things I Learned This Week of Sports Camp-Part 25

I was one who took my vacation to do Sports Camp and be an assistant coach for flag football and I am so glad I did. The day flew by (unlike at work)and I learned a lot about keeping kids involved, encouraging them, teaching them different skills and I even learned what a sweep football play is and how to diagram plays. Some of the most fun was on the sidelines of our game just playing a "mini" game with those waiting to go in working some on skills and getting a better understanding of the game. We had over 600 children involved in our camps this week! Praise the Lord!!

Below is a video of just the flag football area that I worked in.

I got a great tan and enjoyed the picnic and awards celebration for all the campers and their families last night! Our key verse for the week is Philippians 4:13 which says, "I can do all things because Christ strengthens me." For our program we had the Victory Strength Team present amazing feats of strength: Gary "The Rock" Kanaga (The head of our Sports Camp) bench pressed 225 lbs. of 30 reps! Then at the end he broke threw a stack of 7 1" bricks with his bare hand! Greg "Mighty Mouse" Page weighing 160 did 13 squats at 500 lbs.! Gary "The Hulk" Bess did dead weight lifts of 600 lbs. 10 reps! Michale "Popeye" Kling did 10 reps of 135 lb. bar curls! It was remarkable and the kids loved it as the cheered them on.

This was a huge undertaking for our church to do, with planning and preparation going on for a whole year. This was a step of faith on the part of our church as a whole because it is the first time we've done this just using our own congregation. We also didn't know how many would come to football since we just added this sport. Our church family is extremely excited about this outreach ministry into our community and it is so much fun being a part of it.

The staff that worked both the morning and afternoon sessions enjoyed fellowship while eating lunch together that was provided for all of us at the church. It was also encouraging to me to find out that some of the boys I had in my 5th grade Sunday School class two years ago were helping as assistant coaches and even leading some of the devotions in their group.

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