Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Dog's First Car Ride

I was anxious to see how Abby would do in our car so took her with me to the post office and to the repair shop. It was a bit hard holding my cameras and all along with the dog but I managed. Please excuse the video quality--it was kind of hard being by myself.

My plan was for her to ride between the two separate front seats but she had another idea. After I got back in the car from mailing my letters, I couldn't find my keys! I knew I did NOT drop them in the mailbox. Finally, I got out and there they were laying on the seat.

Next, I went to drop off the van at Parma Tire because my "check engine soon" light went on last night. Abby was such a good girl! She got in without any trouble and then enjoyed the ride! Here is the video:

Check out Abby's blog to see what she thought at Abby--Woof, Woof!


Sandee said...

Yes, Abby will get her way. They so love to look out the windows. Our dog wants her head out the window half the time. It's just what dogs do.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

Of course Abby is going to get her way! Might as well buy her a seat belt because it looks like that's where she wants to ride! Sadie has to look out the window too!

heidi said...

LOL!!! Abby is so cute and I love her personality! My dog loves the window too!

Daisy said...

Oh, a car ride and a walk home, that's a great combination! I think Abby should get her way. Definitely!

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