Saturday, May 24, 2008

Flower Planting Day--Yea!

Each year Gerard and I look forward to planting flowers in our yard. Before we were married, he always used to have great roses and pretty flowers, one of the best yards in his neighborhood! Planting flowers was new to me. This is something that I got into since knowing Gerard.

We like getting our flowers from Richardson's Greenhouse which is only about 15 minutes from our house. Not only do they have beautiful flowers and a huge selection, the they are very nice people who run it and they have a greeter--a friendly calico cat! He's about 16 years old now and lets the customers pet him. He usually just sits or lays near the cash register. That's another reason we like to go there.

Here's Gerard with our loaded wagon. We are getting Coletus, purple & white petunias, a geranium for the front porch and top soil. (Getting the dirt ready is Gerard's job too.) Then hanging plants are gorgeous, but since we took off our awning when we had the new roof put on, we have nowhere to hang one. We plan to buy the mulch from WalMart and do that tomorrow.

Gerard and I both enjoy doing this together, but he works much faster than I. He had the swans and the flower box all done by the time I came out after saying "hello" to our cats first and having some yogurt and a drink of water. He doesn't fuss around! I, of course, have final approval. Gerard put the coletus in the swan pots and petunias and coletus in the porch flower box. I told it should all be petunias in there, so he replaced the Coletus with petunias.

We both worked on planting the Coletus and Petunias in the flower bed in the front yard. I dig the holes and he plants the flowers. That way, we can work well together--he lets me do the arranging and he's the one who gets dirty.

We also planted some begonias and Coletus in the backyard. The begonias are near the house in our sunniest spot (called Dickie Bird's Garden because our bird is buried there) and the Coletus is by our Miracle Moe cat's grave in the back corner.

To hear a planting tip from Gerard, view this very short video.


Blue Panther said...

Hey Karen! Thanks for visiting my blog (!

I thought I would answer your questions here:

(1) Why didn’t you use them by purchasing ads on others blogs?

I have more than one blog on Entrecard, and I was feeling exhausted after Entrecarding for them. So, I decided to keep only one blog on Entrecard. So, I tried to get rid of Entrecard, and all things Entrecard from all the other blogs. Hence the giveaway contest. I could have advertised on other blogs, but I just wanted to have get rid of the credits ASAP.

(2) how many entries did you get? Was it worth it?

About 18 people particiapted in the contest. I surely felt it was worth it.

Erica said...

Looks like fun! I wish I had a yard to grow stuff in. I live in the city and keep thinking about planting stuff out on my deck (small plants and herbs).

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