Sunday, May 18, 2008

Remembering Mom

Mother's day is always a bit tough for me because my mom went to be with the Lord. Her name was Lenore. She was a wonderful mother and I loved her so much. Although I wrote "My Funny Dad, Harry" about my dad, I was actually closer to my mom. We always got along well, even through those teenage years. Growing up, I thought my parents were over protective, but looking back, I see they just couldn't help it--they loved me so much.

It was my mom who encouraged me to try new things. She got me a puppy to get me over the fear of dogs, paid for piano lessons because she never was able to have any, taught me how to do puzzles, play games (she especially liked scrabble and Canasta), shared her love for reading and baseball with me, and watched movies and Guiding Light together too. She was my biggest supporter and gave me good advice about what classes to take in school. I took business classes along with the college prep track and after trying teaching for a year as a sub, became a legal secretary which is what mom thought I should do all along.

I remember we'd stay up late and talk and talk about everything (sometimes until 2 or 2:30 a.m.)! She was very easy to talk to and always was a good listener. She let me lean against her like a big pillow. I wish I started reading books sooner because now as I read, I wish I could discuss them with her. She never used a computer, but when I go on pogo or Shelfari, I always think how much she would enjoy those sites as well.

She was always a Sunday School teacher as long as she was physically able and I saw her love for the Lord. We lived in a suburb and moved to the city to be close to the church so us kids could be active in the youth group since she did not drive and my dad worked second shift. I was on the reserved side personality wise but when the youth group started a quiz team on books of the Bible and quizzed against kids from other churches within our denomination, it was my mom who again encouraged me to participate. I loved it and was good at it! Later, when I was a youth group leader, I got quizzing going again and was the "coach."She let me be her helper when she did crafts with kids in our hobby club at church and later when she worked with Jr. Highers, again she let me assist her.

We were different in many ways. She was heavy set, I was always thin. She was very emotional and sensitive, I was more even tempered. She could sing, I couldn't carry a tune. She loved to read, I only read what I had to for school, if that. She sewed and did needlepoint, I wanted nothing to do with it.

On the other hand, we were usually on the same wave length and would laugh at the same things. She would have some fun with her false teeth by pushing them out sometimes, just to make me laugh. She always talked about writing a novel but never did, I am the one who wrote the book. I teach Sunday School now just like she used to.

There's so much more I could write, but I don't want this blog entry to become a book, so I'll just stop here. I still think of her often, especially on Mother's Day, but really just about every day.
Mom died of congestive heart failure Dec. 2, 1999 at age 75 which I include in my book "My Funny Dad, Harry" to show what a wonderful husband he was. I am truly blessed to have had such good parents and I miss them both, love them always.

Be sure to be nice to your mom and cherish the time you have with her.


Da Old Man said...

I lost my Mom a year ago. Your words were very moving. Thank you for writing them.

Mystic Silks said...

Very nice writing--I'm from Ohio, too!

Mystic Silks

Karen and Gerard said...

Thanks. Check out the book I wrote at either wwww.karenzemek.blogspot or (available on and

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