Thursday, May 29, 2008

Great Exercise, Fun, and Free--Tennis Everyone!

Tennis is good exercise and a great sport because:

1. It's easy and fun!

  1. It only takes two people.

  2. Even old people like me can still play.

  3. Just need a racquet and some balls.

I'm really surprised more people don't play. I encourage you to try it and even list some basic tips for you here, some of which come from the book, Checklist For Better Tennis by William Bodcus and some which I just picked up on my own:

  1. Always keep your eye on the ball AND on contact point a split ssecond after impact (like golf).

  2. Bend your knees, especially on low balls so you can keep the head of your racquet above your wrist.

  3. Go for everything if you think it might be in, even if you don't think you'll make it--sometimes I surprise myself and am constantly surprising my husband at what I can get to.

  4. Know where you want to hit the ball BEFORE it comes over the net--plan ahead and be aggressive!

  5. Keep the ball in the court--make your opponent EARN their points!

  6. Start your backswing early to get in position to make a good shot.

  7. SQUEEZE the racquet as you hit the ball.

  8. Attack the ball whenever possible, don't wait for it to come to you except on the high ones, then wait and step back rather than try to jump to hit it.

  9. Stroke THROUGH the ball, don't bat at it.

  10. On your backhand, lean into the stroke toward the net, keeping your wrist and elbow locked.

Now, don't just sit here on the computer reading blogs and making drops all day when it's a beautiful day outside. Get out there and enjoy it! Give tennis a try! Make friendship and exercise the priorities and winning third. HAVE SOME FUN!!!


Mandy said...

In Texas, it gets too hot on the court for me. My daughter loved it and took lessons - until the heat set in this year. I guess she agreed with me about it being too hot! :)

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