Saturday, May 10, 2008

Walk In the Park with My New Flip Camera

I just got a new flip video camera for mother's day and am learning to use it. These are pictures I took with it today. I'm so excited that I discovered how to email video clips, save as pictures, and upload clips to my blog or You Tube. These are video clips I took today.

This is Gerard (my husband) & Leo the Lion!

Here's Gerard crossing the overflowed bridge.

The Bridge I crossed.

Path through the woods.

Reading in the Park

Here comes a man walking his dog.

One of three dogs we saw today, a 4 yr. old Siberian Husky.

I also made a little movie of them, but haven't yet figured out how to save the movie to my files. Nor have I yet figured out how to email a movie or upload it to the Internet. If anyone could explain this to me, please leave a comment telling me how to do it. I'd appreciate it!

UPDATE 1/11/09:
I did learn how to put various clips into one movie and save to my computer. You go to START on your computer and choose "run" and type in "moviemk." When you enter, you then can import video (or photos) and drag them down to the movie bar at the bottom. My Flip videos go into a subdirectory under "my videos" which I finally discovered after some time.


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