Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Karen’s Day Off Was Very Unusual by Guest Blogger--Spunky Doodle

Strange things happened on Karen’s day off. First of all, I spent the night before inside the hallway linen closet. When she took out the blanket, Manny jumped in and she left the door open so he could get out. Naturally, I could also get in and did. Somehow though, the door got closed with me inside! I didn’t mind too much because it was nice and dark and I had lots of blankets to lay on, but I wasn’t able to join Karen on the bed. She was very surprised when she opened the door to put away the blanket in the morning and out I walked.

Karen did something very unusual this morning. She dusted! (She NEVER dusts.) She dusted off the CPU unit and when she pulled it out to dust it, I went behind it where all the wires are attached and got to explore this new space. Of course she was telling me to come out of there the whole time, but I didn’t come out until I was good and ready. After all, I’m not a dog, I’m a CAT! She thought perhaps the cord to the speakers on the computer was lose or that perhaps the dust was affecting them. This video shows how she and Gerard have to bang the speaker to get it to work. Do you have to bang yours?

Karen went right on the computer after breakfast as usual, but stayed longer since she took the day off work. When she came to get a banana, she noticed Abby wasn’t in the living room like usual. Abby is very good about coming when called so Karen called, “Abby, come.” Then we hear her running up the basement stairs. Gerard must have not known she went down and closed the kitchen door so she couldn’t get in. Good thing Karen was off and took a break from the computer! Once Abby was out, she went to work on her Father’s Day project with Karen the rest of the day.

It was nice having her home with us all day, even though I didn’t adjust my nap time around her. Manny laid in the computer chair next to her all day! He’s such a brownie. I noticed that she went out for lunch and then took Abby out for a walk in the afternoon. The really strange thing she did though was play the piano! She hasn’t played it in a very long time and she kept playing the same song over and over and over while she was printing something out from the computer.

Once Gerard got home, things all went back to normal—just checked email, Facebook and TV watching. Tonight I stayed out of that linen closet and slept with Karen.

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Daisy said...

I love it when my Mommeh is home for the day, too! She has Sunday and Tuesday off. Hey, that's today!

ps: Dusting is the worst job in the world!

Lin said...

Days off for Mommeh and Kitties is always a treat! We like to take a little nap together. :)

BeadedTail said...

We're glad your mom was home to let you out of the closet and let Abby in from downstairs! It's fun having moms home during the day and we hope yours gets new speakers soon!

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

My human works at home, and she is lucky I allow her to use my office. Luckily there are no closets in my office because she is just the type of human who would accidentally shut me in one and not realize it. I think you know the type.

Ms. Understood said...

That was really cute. Your cats seems really sweet. My cat is a grump, LOL. But she has her oh so sweet moments.

Karen and Gerard said...

Here are Spunky's responses to your comments:

Daisy: Hope your mommeh has a nice day off.

Lin: Karen had so much to do, didn't have time for napping. It was a productive day though.

Beaded Tail: No new speakers yet. Closets are pretty nice though, I don't really mine getting stuck in them.

Sparkle: Yes, this wasn't the first time I was stuck in a closet for awhile.

Ms. Understood: I'd love to meet your grumpy puss. I am good at bringing out the best in others.

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