Tuesday, August 29, 2023

My 2023 Fantasy Football Draft

Beginning in June, I started reading the Fantasy Football magazines to research the various players.  Then I enjoy doing mock drafts for different picks.  I get excited for draft day and then usually get disappointed because guys I want get picked before my turn comes around.  This year I had the first pick.  That sounds like a good thing; however, that means I have to wait really long, like 19 turns, before another pick comes back to me in our snake league.  Yes, I do get two picks in a row though, but that means I have to pick guys earlier than I planned if I want to make sure I get them.  

I just had a general draft strategy this year:  (1) make sure I got at least two elite players, including a quarterback; (2) If Kelce was gone by the second round, which he was, then wait till near the end to pick a tight end; (3) wait for the end to pick a kicker and defense; (4) pick at least one or two sleepers or young guys with upside; (5) avoid picking guys from the Browns division (except for Browns)--I don't want to cheer for guys that are playing against the Browns.  

So, draft time comes and I get my "A" mock draft lineup for pick 1 ready to follow:

Round 1, I take Justin Jefferson (the overall best player according to most experts)

Rounds 2 & 3 (two picks back to back), I had Josh Jacobs, but had second thoughts because of him being disgruntled so took Tony Pollard instead.  (already deviating from my A line up).  Round 3, since Mahomes and Josh Allen were already gone, I took Jalen Hurts for my elite QB.

Round 4 & 5, Keenan Allen was gone by the time it got back to me in Round 4, so I went with Cal Ridley here.  Round 5, Yea!  Got Amari Cooper, and I'm back on track!

Round 6 & 7, Yea again!  Got Cam Akers as planned.  Round 7, here's where it really goes off the rails.  Wanted James Connor, but he was gone so took a chance on Breece Hall who should be good a bit later in the season according to the fantasy shows.  He was already practicing and doctors say he should be fine.

Round 8 & 9, Had planned for WR Marquise Brown, but felt I had good receivers and better get another RB before the good ones were all gone, so settled for A. J. Dillon.  Round 9, Had planned to get Antonio Gibson here, but didn't have a tight end yet, and really wanted Njoku because I think he'll be good!  He had a good preseason and Watson threw to him in the end zone.  Happy to get Njoku here.  Just wish he'd stop jumping around so much--makes me nervous he's going to get hurt!

Rounds 10 & 11, My plan was to get Elijah Moore here, but I went Perine first, who was considered a sleeper and then took Elijah Moore in Round 11.   

Rounds 12 & 13, All the guys I had planned to pick from here on all were taken so had to go off plan.  Took Nico Collins in Round 12 because he's a young receiver who experts said could be really good.  Picked Geno Smith as my backup QB.  

Rounds 14 & 15, the best kickers and defenses were already taken by now, so took Zuerlein as my kicker and the Browns defense.  (Next day I looked back at the Fantasy magazines to check on the kickers and chose Santos from Chicago instead.)  I was happy with the Browns defense because of what I've seen in preseason.  They look better and happy they are away from that zone defense which never worked last year.  They are fired up with their new coach and I am optimistic that they will be good this year.

Round 16, went with a second tight end, J. Johnson.  Wasn't really happy with that pick though so next day went on the waiver wire and chose Okonkwo from TN instead.

All in all, I am pretty happy with this draft.  I know I'm heavy on Browns, which may be a mistake, but at least I will enjoy cheering for these guys on my fantasy team as well!  I wanted to get a stack with Hurts, but got beat out on the three Eagles players I wanted--A. J. Brown, Devonta Smith and Goedert.  Oh well, so goes the draft.

Are you happy with your draft?


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