Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Rant: What's Not Working Now?

I am so tired of things not working. We have a whole list of things here and it just keeps growing every week:

(1) Kitchen towel rack: It keeps falling down every couple days or so--duct tape is only a temporary fix but it's been up now for over a week now.  

 (2) TV:  Our Westinghouse living room TV wouldn't give us a picture when Gerard tried putting on the news one morning, just kept saying no signal like it always does because the power saver is on.  But when we hit the "info" button, then the picture comes on.  By evening it worked when I tried it--it's just moody I guess.

(3)  Vacuum Cleaner:  Our new wireless Gtech vacuum cleaner quit working two weeks ago. We just had it about a month and a half. While I tried to find what was wrong, I discovered one of the air filters was missing. I have no idea how my husband could lose it without seeing it fall out. It must have happened when he was emptying it one day.  Gtech kindly sent a new battery and a replacement filter but it still doesn't work.  I returned it at the store for a new one last night.

(4) Computer:  Even at work my computer keeps crashing at the end of the day, very frustrating.

(5)  Poster Hanger Goop:  Got home from work and saw my poster was down--the sticky stuff that's supposed to hold it up didn't but now can't get it off the wall!

(6) Cell Alarm:  My cell phone alarm didn't go off, who knows why; then the next day it did.

 (7) My '98 Van:  The back hatch door on my van gets stuck and either won't close or open.  Right now I finally got it closed but am afraid to use it.  The left door rubber is loose again so I don't use it because the rubber comes up and keeps the door from closing.

(8)  Basement laundry tubs:  Friday morning the water from the washing machine wouldn't drain (the drain was blocked by something so was able to fix that at least).

(9) Shower:  The basement sliding shower door that my husband uses keeps coming off the track.  My upstairs shower used to be set so the water always came out from the top, but after the carpet guy used the bottom part to fill his bucket, I have to keep re-setting it every time.

(10) Twitter:  To top it off, Saturday morning I found out my Twitter account got suspended!   (I am vlogging about this one tomorrow but am pleased to report that yesterday my account was re-instated.  Thank you, Twitter!)

I am thankful that this is my biggest problem.  It's just annoying and frustrating, especially when you spend money on something that doesn't work shortly after buying it.  We really like the Gtech vacuum cleaner because it is so small, light, easy to empty and there's no cord to fuss with; however, at the moment there is no power either!

What things aren't currently working for you? 

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Lin said...

Dang...your appliances are conspiring against you!! arrrggghhhh! Doesn't it seem like they all talk to each other and break at the same time? Ugh.

Well, I hope you get all those little, but annoying things sorted out and fixed.

Beth Ann Chiles said...

All those little things add up, don't they?? ?Sorry about all the inconveniences. Everything seems to be working in my household--only thing amiss was the coffee grinder/brewer went off at 12:15 am instead of 6:15 am----but I suspect it was operator error after we had a power surge!!!! :-)

Sandee said...

Yep, when it rains it pours. I hate this too, but your things are not all that expensive to fix I'm guessing. That's a blessing.

Have a terrific day. ☺

BeadedTail said...

That's a lot of things all happening at once! It sure can be frustrating but it's good you've got some things fixed though! My hubby and I can never get towel bars into a wall where they stay so we had the contractor put it up with those molly things since one side isn't in a stud. If we had tried it there'd be a 2 inch hole for the screw and that wouldn't work!

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Gremlins. That's what you have. Gremlins. OMG Karen, so many things falling apart. I guess you should be glad it's not YOU falling to pieces.

Karen and Gerard said...

Lin, yes I do believe a conspiracy is going on but at least the most important thing to me is still working--my computer!

Beth: You're right, they do add up and get on my nerves. No wonder my blood pressure has been up lately!

Sandee: Good point, they are all low-cost fixes, it's just hard scheduling someone to come all the time to fix them--neither my husband or me are handy at fixing stuff. I used to just call my dad!

Beaded Tail: Nice to know we are not the only ones with the towel rack problem. It's stayed up now for some time with the duct tape at least.

Junk Drawer Kathy: YES--I am very thankful that my health is good and we do not have the health issues so many others have. The husband of one of my bridesmaids is having his one leg amputated below the knee this month. Things really could be a lot worse. There are way more things right than wrong, and our TV is working normal again now.

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