Friday, June 24, 2011

7 Things We Learned This Week 25 of 2011 (blogging, basketball, health, cat, hockey, repairs)

Pictures and Blogging

I discovered that I do not actually have to download pictures from my camera to my computer to get them on my blog. All I have to do is plug into the USB port on the computer and when I hit "browse" go to "My Computer" and click on the "removable disk" choice which brings up the file of pictures on my camera and select the one I want from there. It isn't sized for "best on the web" this way so it takes a little longer, but it does work and saves me some time and avoids clutter on my computer.  Oh wait, the camera has size settings.  For blog pics, I can use the VGA-email 2M setting--oh boy!  I just realized this, duh.


By volunteering to help with basketball in our church sports camp this week, I learned how to shoot with a higher success rate using the "BEEF" method. Balance--not always easy to do when actually playing a game though; Eyes--have the ball in front of your face and look over it to the hoop; Elbow--hold the ball over your elbow; Follow Through--toss it up using your fingers, not your palm and flick your wrist ending with your fingers pointing to the basket. I was surprised at how many more of my shots were good using this method instead of my old way. Gerard learned he wasn't as good at basketball as he thought and is very slow compared to the boys! To read more about this, stop by Sports Camp Rules at our other blog, Always Looking Up.

Blood Pressure

Found out at taking my blood pressure right after I eat a big breakfast at Hometown Buffet isn't the best time to do it. I've really been trying to exercise more and eat less salt to get it down into the 120s. When I had it taken Saturday afternoon, it was 110/72 which is great! I feel much better about it now.

Feng Shui

I first learned about this over at Mountain Woman Tries Feng Shui. Supposedly if you rearrange things (move objects around that haven't been moved in a year) it change the stagnet energy and change your luck. Then, it came up in the book I am currently reading: Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. Personally, I think this is crazy.

Pastor's Poor Cat

I was surprised to learn last Sunday that our Pastor has a cat named Tiger. Pastor Dan doesn't like his cat! I was shocked. His point was that if you want to know what a man loves, listen to what he talks about. That's why he never talks about his cat. I must find out who in his family does like the cat--I'm sure somebody gives it love!  At sports camp I asked his wife and was happy to hear she likes the cat.  They got it as a kitten 14 years ago for their daughter who is now in college. Do you love your pets?

Stanley Cup Finals

The 7th game of the Stanley Cup Finals was the most watched hockey game on TV since 1973. In case you haven't heard, the Boston Bruins are the Stanley Cup Champs!

Handyman Connection

We got good news and bad news when the handyman came over to give us an estimate on the jobs we wanted done. The good news is he will be able to fix the broken bench that my dad made for us.  The bottom board of the back is broke off and split apart. The bad news is we need a new toilet. Related post: A Practical Backyard Project--Bench or Table?

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Anonymous said...

A pastor who doesn't like his cat must be some kinda sin or something?

I would replace the toilet over the bench any day! :-)

Have a great weekend :-)

Rebecca said...

New toilets are SO cool!!! Yeah, I'm weird like that. I got excited when we installed a switch to the bedroom light!!! Before that, we had pull-chain lights, and they were awful! New toilets are very cool. :)

I'm with you on the Feng Shui.

BeadedTail said...

A Pastor doesn't like his own cat? I don't think I could like that Pastor!

We have moved every single object in our house in the past week because of the new floor. I should be due great luck for a very long time so we'll see what happens!

New toilets are more water efficient so your water bill should go down which is good news! Also, check with your city water utility as they might give a rebate for buying an efficient toilet. Our city gives a rebate of $75!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

That's really interesting about the computer and uploading files. I'll have to try that. Usually I save them to my USB drive and then I select the ones I want to upload to my blog. I use a program called Picnik to resize my photos and make them more web friendly...although I don't always do that, because of time.

Greetings from Oregon, Heather :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Besides being more web friendly, resized photo files ALSO saves you from filling up your free blogger photo space so quickly.

Voice of experience.

Lex the mom said...

Heard about the Bruins, congrats to the fans!!

Funny thing, my husband insists he doesn't care about our 3 cats (yes, 3 - he says he didn't want even 1). Yet, he's the one that treats them to their canned food & treats (Porkchop won't eat canned food) every other day. & he constantly gives them affection, all the while complaining about what a nuisance they can be. He never does talk about them, though - at least not outside the house. ;)

Marg said...

That sure is too bad that Pastor doesn't like his cat. That silly Pastor. He needs to learn all the great values of a cat. Great post. Loved hearing all this info. Take care.

Lin said...

Hmmmm, how do you not love your cat?? sheesh. Uh, YES is the answer--I LOVE my pets. And the frogs that live in my pond too. :)

Karen and Gerard said...

The Old Geezer: Your comment about our Pastor made me laugh.

The toilet just leaks a little bit in the back, but the handyman said it was repairable, that we need a new one. It is very old. We are also getting a new toilet seat for the basement one and a couple new parts for our second floor one. It's toilet fix up month for us!

Rebecca: You're funny, sound like my dad! He loved any hardware, gadget or new things for the house. I do prefer switches to chains and would be happy about that changeover as well. My mantra would be "Phooey on Feng Shui."

Beaded Tail: I know, I told him "I used to like you." In his defense, he did say that he has some affection for it, he doesn't HATE it.

Will be interesting to see what great things will come your way after doing all the moving around!

Thanks for the happy thought--anything that lowers our bills is definitely good news.

Heather's Blog-o-rama: This saves time. I used the Kodak software to resize them sometimes but not always depending on time. There's really no need to save all the pictures I put on my blog.

Keetha Broyles: That's Picasa, right? I don't use that but a good point.

Lex the Mom: It sounds like your hubby really does care about the cats which is a good thing. They do grow on you.

Marg: When I confronted him about it, he admitted he does have some affection for the cat but they really got it for their daughter. Glad you liked this post!

Lin: Oh I know. Can't imagine not loving a pet. I was shocked! The frogs are lucky to have found your pond!

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