Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So Glad Our Flag Is Flying—Happy Flag Day!

One of the things I find myself doing when walking down the street is noticing how many homes have flags out, especially on Flag Day! We like to fly our flag every day but for a long time didn’t have one. It somehow broke and we just got a new one for Memorial Day.

The only problem was that our old flag holder wasn’t big enough for the new wooden flag pole. Our previous flag had a metal pole that came apart and was much thinner. I tried to make do with the old holder and just stuck the flag through the open part of it and leaned it against the house. It worked for about two days until a big wind came and blew so hard that it pulled the screw out of the flag holder and down went the flag—boom. There was a plastic flag holder that came with the flag, but since we don’t have a drill and neither of us is skillful in the handyman area, I just put it in the closet.

Well, now we didn’t have much choice. It was either don’t use the flag, find someone to put up the holder for us or call Handyman Connection and include that in the “to do” list for them. I asked our next door neighbor who always flies a flag and has a son in the service. He said he’d be happy to do put up the holder for us and the next day when I got home from work, it was up.

Now on nice days, our flag will be out again! Hooray! We have about 10 houses on our street with flags. What about you? Do you fly a flag?


Lin said...

Well, that was certainly very nice of your neighbor to do that! It's good to have help.

Putting in a few screws like that is really easy, Karen. You just need a good hardware store guy to help you get the right kind of bit for a drill and the right kind of screws. There are different screws for wood, metal, brick, etc. It is definitely something you and Gerard can learn to do. Maybe it's time for a drill purchase!

BeadedTail said...

That was nice of your neighbor to help you with the holder for your flag! We don't have a flag up mainly because there's no where to put it. Our neighbor across the street puts up a flag on special days like today and it's always nice to see.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

I agree with Lin. I'm VERY sure Gerard could learn to do some handywork. He is already such a handyman with other things! Who knows, the home improvement bug just might kick in. ;) It did for me!

It is so wonderful that the neighbor's son put up your flag!!

Marg said...

That is great that you have a flag up. I really like to see flags all over the place. Very patriotic. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Lin: I don't think so. I have a list for Handyman Connection next time I call. See, I didn't even know there were different type screws for different things like that!

Beaded Tail: That's too bad you don't have a place for it. Some of our neighbors actually have flag poles in their front yard!

Rebecca: Gerard's dad never bothered teaching him handywork, just gardening. His brother doesn't know how to do that kind of thing either. I wish I had taken the time to learn more of this type thing from my dad, but since I was a girl, he really never bothered trying to teach me stuff like that. A lot of it is a matter of having the right tools. We have a set of screwdrivers, a hammer, some nails, pliers, a level and duct tape for our tool collection. The neighbor is the dad of the son in the service. The dad is the one who hung our flag holder for us.

Marg: I like seeing them too. Some of our streets put them up all along the street and it really looks nice!

Joovy Zoom 360 said...

Funny, I always say that if I learned to use a drill I would be independent (from my husband/handyman

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