Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hockey Is Tough—Congrats To The Boston Bruins!

Love The Bruins!
The Boston Bruins have won the NHL championship! Gerard watched the whole playoff series with its ups and downs but is excited that after 39 years, the Bruins have won! The playoffs were very fun to watch. Three out of four times the playoff series went to 7 games and the Bruins won! We have lots of very happy bears at our house now—17 in just the living room and dining room!
Although Gerard never played hockey, it is his favorite sport and claims it is the hardest sport for the following reasons:

1. Hockey players are constantly on the move—no time outs in hockey unless there is an injury.

2. They get banged around, pushed against the boards, fall on the hard ice (not like grass like soccer, baseball or football). Knowing how to box is also an advantage because often fights break out and are “part of the game.”

17 bears and two cats
3. That puck is little and comes FAST (not like basketball, football and soccer)! The little I watch of hockey on TV, I get frustrated that sometimes I don’t even know where the puck went!

3. The hockey players do not get to just stand around at all like baseball and football players do.

4. Hockey players must play while on ice skates! They cannot just run like in other sports but must really be good ice skaters.
5 Upstairs bears

14 Computer room bears

It is kind of sad that hockey players do not get the publicity that other athletes get, but I think it is because their fan base is smaller. I think their fan base is smaller because it requires so much skill and special equipment that fewer people play; consequently, fewer really identify with the players.
9 Basement Bears

What do you think is the hardest sport to play? Do you agree or disagree?


Rebecca Mecomber said...

Wow, I think the most difficult sport is rearranging bears for photo shoots! Hahah!!!

Ann in the UP said...

I think Gerard is probably right. I do NOT think that football and baseball players need the same stamina as hockey, soccer, and basketball players. They need to be strong, and have great reflexes, but they never work as hard as hockey players do. (In my humble opinion, as a couch potato.)

Karen and Gerard said...

Rebecca: You cracked me up with this comment! It did take ma a long time to do the photos for this--Did you see Manny and Spunky sneak into the one picture?

Ann: Thanks for voicing your agreement.

BeadedTail said...

It probably took you longer to arrange those bears than it does to play a half of a hockey game! I see a couple of bears that look an awful lot like kitties!

Hockey is a very fast sport and those guys have to always be on the ball so to speak and can't let their guard down for a second or they'll get ran over out there! The referees have to be skilled at jumping over pucks and getting out of the way too. Hockey is huge in Canada and the fans are probably as crazy for their teams as we are for football and baseball.

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