Friday, June 3, 2011

7 Things We Learned This Week 22 of 2011 (Photography, animals, computer, Facebook)


Playing Freekibblekat, I learned that 91% polled said they have more photos of their pets than of their spouse, significant other or friends. I got this question right because I know I have way more pictures of our pets. How about you?


On our trip to the zoo Memorial Day, we actually heard a cheetah make a noise for the first time. I thought it would sound like a kind of roar like the leopard makes but it actually sounded like a cat! Yes, it made the same noise my cat Manny makes, kind of a little screech. It sort of purred too.
(Picture source is from  (I thought I had a picture of a cheetah already but couldn't find it.)

 Computer Training

At work I switched to Windows 7 and Office 2010. One full day of training and I’m off and running! One thing about computers, they are also updating and improving things.

Facebook Networked Blogs

Last night I discovered how to update my blog thumbnail on Facebook in the Networked Blogs app and while I was at it, I added my book blog, "Grab A Book From Our Stack" there too. I've been meaning to do that for a long time and just got to it yesterday.

Buckeye Fans

Ohio State Football

Coach Jim Tressel resigned. He broke the rules by knowingly playing players who were ineligible. Very sad ending to a great career there. I feel sad about this whole fiasco. 

A Great Gift Idea

Get a nice jar or box and put in different things you love about that person on separate slips of paper so they can pull one out each day and get a little lift. I think I found it in Saturday Samplings, but not sure about that at Half-Past Kissin' Time.
Someone blogged about this gift idea, but can't remember who. (If it was you or know who it was, would you please let me know so I could link to the post.)


Mr. Moe reading with Gerard--best buddies!
June is adopt a shelter cat month! We adopted our first cat, Mr. Moe, in June of 2000. We never thought we would have a cat but just couldn't resist this guy. I felt so sorry for him when he was at the shelter in a little cage every time I'd visit. I was just drawn to him. Go visit a shelter or checkout the ones at PetSmart who are waiting for a good home. If you are in the Cleveland area, visit the zoo on June 11 for "Meet Your Best Friend Day" and bring along some extra money just in case you see a cat or dog you like!

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Rebecca Mecomber said...

I heard a cheetah sound in some movie I saw, about a boy who adopts a cheetah. I was surprised that such a squeaky sound came from such a fiercesome creature!

Oh so you use Windows 7 at work! What a difference it is from XP! I still have a few XP around. :) I have one Windows 7 at home, and it's OK. I prefer Vista. :)

BeadedTail said...

I love the big cats at the zoo and usually spend most of my time watching them. It's amazing how they act and sound so much like our kitties at home!

I love that gift idea! I have Windows 7 on my desktop and laptop. I still can't get quite used to how the windows come up but it is pretty efficient.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Back in the day, my brother was highly recruited by schools all over the nation for football. A lot of recruiters/coaches broke all sorts of rules.

Then, two decades later, he became a college coach (of baseball), and was often thwarted in obtaining players because he was too ethical.

There's so much we, as fans, don't know.

Claudya Martinez said...

Cheetahs are so dang beautiful. I've never heard one before. Have a great weekend.

RedWriter said...

The best praise is that from your fellow bloggers.
I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.
Stop by to collect it and find out how to recognise the blogs you love with this award.

~ Mona said...

Thanks for jumping on the Saturday Suggestions blog Hop.
I enjoyed reading your page. I'm now a follower.
~ Mona : )

mommytoalot said...

I actually do read a lot. It's my favourite past time aside from spending time with the kids and my friends.
THanks for the link and for your comment.
I would love to read that book...i am thinking of writing one myself..some
hope you have a lovely night

Karen and Gerard said...

Rebecca: I had my camera with me but didn't take the video because I didn't think it would make the sound again but it did! I thought by the time I'd get the camera out, it would stop. I wish I had tried. It was such a surprise!

I hate Vista--it's on the computer we use in Sunday School sometimes. This is a really good opportunity to get the office suite 2010 too--I just don't know if it's worth it for me to change to but I think I will. For just $10 bucks we can get the disc too so I'd have it to install on any new computer I would get.

Cats are amazing creatures and so fun to watch--both big and small. Thanks for sharing your experience with Windows 7.

Ellen: Yes, I suppose there is a lot that fans are unaware of. Glad your brother is an ethical coach and hope he can keep that integrity which is more important. It seems like these days the motto is anything is okay as long as you don't get caught.

Unknown Mama: Yes, this was the first time I ever heard one--it's rare.

RedWriter: Thanks for the award--I really appreciate that you thought of me for this one. I do believe I am very versatile. However, I don't like to spend that much time on awards so added it to my award page with a link to your blog and will try to post about it sometime this week. As far as 7 things about us, one is I'm lazy and two is I am time conscious. For 7 things about us, check out our "About Us" tab.

Mona: Thanks for following us. I'm following you now too and added you to my ever-growing blogroll here! Love your blog and your TV show blog frog game!

Mommy To A Lot: I'm surprised you find the time to read but "3 Little Words" is a quick read that I'm sure will tug at your heart. You should write a book one day--the world needs to see more success stories about fostering kids. We only hear about the bad foster homes it seems.

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