Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let The Birds Entertain You With Wildlife Wendy

At our library, we enjoyed seeing a bird show by Wildlife Wendy.  She brought at least seven beautiful tropical birds that were very entertaining.  Skipper, the blue one had the children cracking up when it would keep sliding down from its perch while Wendy was working with another bird. 
These birds climbed a ladder from the floor to the table, did some arithmetic, rode a scooter, raised a flag, picked up and returned a dollar bill to a stranger in the audience, flew to a designated area, played some basketball, sang, made animal noises, and were very fun to watch!  Some even let her hold them upside by their feet!  Not all of them did everything but they all did something special. 
For your entertainment, I have included a video clip of parts of the performance to share with you! 

The library offers way more than just books!  I was very impressed with Wildlife Wendy.  She has been on several different TV shows and her parrot who did the math won on Animal Planet’s Pet Stars.  She is taking her show to many different libraries.  Visit her website at to see all her beautiful birds and her schedule.  To see her whole show and her appearances on TV shows, you can view Wildlife Wendy's video on YouTube at


Ann in the UP said...

What fun! Wendy's a real showman! And her birds really trust her!

Karen said...

That sounds like fun and a great learning tool for the kids. We had a lady come to our library last week to show and tell about bats.

Russ said...

Great post. Today is the last day of school for my granddaughter. She has already picked out all the things she wants to do at the Library. They have something scheduled for every day this summer.

The Author said...

Oh, that must have been so much fun!!! I'm off to her website.

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