Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why Does Anyone Want To Go Ice Fishing?

I can think of no other winter sport I would enjoy less than ice fishing. I would love to find out what the big attraction is. First, off, to go out on ice over a lake, pond, or stream even seems to me to be asking for trouble. Not too long ago in the PLAIN DEALER was a picture of men ice fishing on a small lake in a nearby park. They were all bundled up and sitting together in a group. These were big burly men for the most part and my first thought was that they should at least spread out more. Even the Coast Guard says “No ice is safe ice.”

Not only is there the risk of the ice breaking and you falling in the icy water, but just recently some ice fisherman on Lake Erie couldn’t find their way back to shore when a snow storm came up unexpectedly. I can see fishing in the summer because it’s just nice relaxing on a nice sunny day and enjoying the outdoors, but what does ice fishing have to offer? Sitting there trying not to freeze? Numbness in your toes? Giving the Coast Guard something to do when they have to come and rescue you? Maybe it’s just the rush of doing something stupid and adventurous?

If you like to go ice fishing, I’d sure love to hear why!
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Lin said...

The Boy Scouts came out every winter for a weekend in January. The biggest thrill they get is if it snowing heavy or it is waaayyy below freezing. They call it "Klondike" and I think you know why--it is crazy. The point of Klondike and ice fishing is the survival of it. I think the guys like the challenge and to boast how they survive. I know Joe and Colin used to come home FROZEN, but they always had huge smiles on their faces.

It's a guy thing.

Empty Nester said...

No ice here so- no ice fishing. LOL I'm not patient enough for any kind of fishing.

Rebecca said...

I grew up by Oneida Lake, and my step dad and brothers went ice fishing from time to time. I don't remember them getting anything... but way back in the olden days before there were grocery stores, it was probably the only way to get food! Oneida Lake used to have native Atlantic Salmon in there centuries ago... which means that all of Upstate NY was under water and when the waters receded, some of the salmon got caught in the lake, and just managed to breed there.

Anyway, walking on ice is a thrill. I guess after a while it must become ho-hum and you just don't think about it. Maybe these same people wonder how we can take subways or buses-- dangerous! -- or airplanes -- very dangerous!

I can't believe those guys got lost on Lake Erie!! Didn't they bring a compass, hello!!!

Anonymous said...

I went ice fishing once when I was a young man and that was one to many times as far as I'm concerned :-)

Take care and have a great week :-)


Anonymous said...

You know I love you guys right? Well just to remind you I have an award for you on my blog.

No ice-fishing for me. I am so done with the cold.

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