Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Things We Learned in Week 6 of 2011 (tips, Cavs, shoes, email, Facebook, singles)

Uses For Aluminum Foil

Over at I watched a short video that gives 5 Tips For using Aluminum Foil (besides just wrapping leftovers). (1) Unclumping brown sugar; (2) Ball it up and throw it the dryer to keep the static from your clothes; (3) to iron clothes; (4) sharpen scissors just by cutting it; (5) make a grilled cheese sandwich by using an iron!


The Cleveland Cavaliers broke the NBA record for longest losing streak--with 25 and now have 26 losses in a row!

Wet Shoes

Stuffing newspaper inside wet shoes helps them dry faster.

My Funny Dad, Harry

Men like my book too! I got an email this week from a blogger who gave it to her father for Christmas and said he LOVED it! Made me feel good!


After reading How To Protect Your Facebook Account by Rebecca at The Older Geek, I learned that we should check our privacy settings frequently because every time Facebook does an update, the settings are set to the public default without telling us! Also unused apps should be deleted--she explains how and much more.


When visiting Heading Somewhere I learned the Valentine's Day is also referred to as "Singles Awareness Day." I never heard that before but it's true. Before I was married, Valentine's Day was always a reminder that I was STILL single or didn't have a boyfriend. My dad always bought me chocolate though so it was still good! I never minded being single.

Survivor Redemption Island

Oh boy, just found out at this morning that Boston Rob and Russell will both be on "Survivor" again. I like this show and looking forward to see how this new "redemption island" twist affects the game.

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Kathy said...

Hey! I ran out of fabric softener sheets, but I have plenty of foil. Thanks for the tip. I love your "Things I Learned" posts, Karen. It's like you do all the work and we get all the benefit.

I'm a Survivor junkie, I admit it. I'm looking forward to the premiere. I also love The Amazing Race, which starts this Sunday I think.

Have a great day!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the link about my Facebook article. I really, really hope people find it useful and batten down the hatches for better privacy. To be honest, I'm amazed that people still use Facebook in light of all the security and privacy issues the site has.

Wet shoes! Oh boy, do we have them! That's a great tip about the newspapers-- I'll try that.

Daisy said...

We like watching Survivor, too. But we are getting a little bit tired of all the "superstar" Survivor series; I like watching new groups of people better!

Alice said...

I didn't know about the dryer or the scissors. Great tips, thanks:)

Kathy said...

Karen - I use this site for free stock photos. I almost always find what I need there:

BeadedTail said...

I'll have to check out that Facebook information. We like Survivor too but are getting tired of seeing the old ones returning time and time again. It's so fun watching newbies trying to last the whole time.

Kay said...

wow, i had no idea that foil did all that!! amazing!!

Unknown said...

This is such a fun and interesting post! The aluminum video is great! The brown sugar suggestion was particularly helpful to me.

I am off to check out all the links you provided. Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm very aware of my privacy settings on Facebook! Thanks for tweeting my post!

Have a lovely Sunday.

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