Friday, February 25, 2011

5 Things We Learned This Week 8 of 2011 (Facebook, teens, animals, Bowling, Survivor)

Facebook Pics

At From Tracy I read her post Why The New Facebook Pages Are Good For Bloggers and finally found out how to change those pictures that are at the top of my profile. If there's one you don't want up there, just click the little "x" in the top right corner. I never noticed it was there!

In the "Best Friends" magazine, there was an article about the founder of and guess what! The founder is a 14-year-old girl named Mimi. When she started the site, she was hoping to be able to feed 20 animals. About 53,000 people play daily. About 1,000 were playing daily just 3 months after she started it. She said "I think it became such a success because it's fun, easy and free and gives people a chance to help homeless animals, especially if they don't have time or money." We play every day, do you?  I have the link in my left sidebar so you could easily play when you visit my blog!

Scottish Deerhound

This is a breed I never heard of before and found out that it is a very tall dog, golden brown, long fur with what looks like sort of a beard when I saw a picture of Hickory at Scottish Deerhound Wins Westminster Best In Show.


It is possible to bowl well two-handed like little kids do. Check out my Alternate Bowling Style Lesson post from yesterday if you missed it.


I found Jeff Probst's blog about Survivor this week! He also has a Twitter page where he gives tidbits about the show.  I found out about this through Jeff Probst Reveals Secrets About 'Survivor:  Redemption Island' over at 

Find some more Friday Fragments.

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Daisy said...

Hooray for Mimi! We play every day, too!

Lin said...

Oh, you introduced me to lots of new things this week too! Thanks!

Survivor is very interesting this time around--there are some funky characters. The dude in his pink undies is so weird!!

The Author said...

I love Scottish Deerhounds! Thanks as always for your Friday posts. I'm sorry I haven't visited as often as I usual do to comment. Anyway, I'm going to steal your idea about donating money to charity for comments but I will definitely credit you. Maybe you'll start a super wonderful trend.

Karen said...

Wow! She was 14 when she started the donation site. That is awesome. I go to both the cat and the dog one every day.

BeadedTail said...

We're happy Mimi is helping animals and it just shows that anyone can do something if we just try!

Shawn said...

Thanks for the weekly update. I saw the Westminster Dog show on TV..that was some big puppy!
last weekend I went to a dog show in Denver and loved watching the Agility Trials.
Have a great weekend,

Mrs4444 said...

I read your post on your other blog (about the snow and getting to work) but was unable to comment there, so just let me say that I'm glad you made it to work and got the reward! :) I agree that when weather's bad, businesses should consider at least delaying the start of the work day.

Deerhound, huh? Interesting looking dog! Off to check out FreeKibble! :)

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