Tuesday, August 25, 2009

11 Medical Madness Hassles

1) Having to wait an hour or more to see the doctor after rushing to make the appointment on time. I had time to finish out my tennis match after all!

2) Taking off work to take my dad for blood work as scheduled and finding the lab closed.

3) Going for blood work and having to wait an hour to be taken because both technicians are out to lunch.

4) After waiting for almost two hours, being notified that the doctor just called and can’t make it because her car broke down!

5) Going to see your doctor about your test results which the doctor hasn’t even seen because they didn’t get them yet so I called for the hospital to fax them to him.

6) Taking off work early to go for the last Hepatitis shot in a series only to be told they ran out of medicine.

7) Going for a follow-up Ultrasound only to find that I can’t get it done because they didn’t receive an order from the doctor and he’s gone for the day. Have to reschedule!

8) Getting a call from your doctor telling you he needs to see you right away. Now that’s scary!

9) Calling for test results only to find out they haven’t come back yet.

10) Being charged for something that should be covered by your insurance because the doctor’s office put down the wrong code.

11) When your prescription runs out when the doctor is on vacation.

What riles you about medical related experiences?


Daisy said...

Oh gosh, talk about frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness this stinks with the military it is no better, try getting five kids to various places or making sure the appointment is on a certain day so dad can watch the kids only to sit in a ny room for an hour to be ld something the could have told you over the phone then getting stuck in traffic so the 35 minute ride home takes an hour or more!!!!

Jen said...

There is nothing more frustrating than having a doctor ask you what medication someone is on. When my dad was in the hospital, every time he changed hospitals, the new doctor would come in and ask what was going on and what medicine he was on. Um...duh? Didn't you go to med school? Shouldn't they have sent that information to you? It's not my job to remind you what your patient is taking. Grrrr...I so wanted to let them have it.

Sandee said...

I would guess the waiting is the worst. You have an appointment at 10 and then you finally get in at 10:45, then you wait another 30 minutes for the doctor. I just bring a book so my blood pressure doesn't go up.

Have a terrific day Karen. :)

tahtimbo said...

And the worst part is: you get to pay for the privilege. I remember several years ago, I had to go see a surgeon about some pain I was having in my stomach (I thought it might be a hernia). Anyway, a friend referred me because at the time I did not have my own doctor, thus no high-blood pressure medication. I have severe "white coat phobia" and when he took my blood pressure it was around 200/130. You know what he said? "You need to see a doctor and get treatment for that." I couldn't believe that he didn't help me. I guess it was just typical surgeon attitude.
Take care and remember you are in our thoughts and prayers.

BeadedTail said...

How frustrating! I hate the waiting game too.

heidi said...

I love your shirt! I hate waiting an hour to see the doctor for 10 minutes!

Mike Golch said...

I really like the stressed out T-shirt.

Karen & Gerad Zemek said...

Daisy: Yup, it sure is!

Anonymous: That sounds like quite a frustrating day!

JStantonChandler: I forgot about this. Even my own doctor sometimes asks me what I'm taking! When I went for my biopsy, they kept asking me over and over. I gave them a list when I checked in as an out patient and then when I had to go back, they asked me again! I told them to check their computer because I had already given that information before and they found it.

Sandee: I always bring a book along too which does help for the first hour, but after that, I still get antsy. I hate wasting my time!

Tahtimbo: Oh yes, paying is always an added stress factor. I try not to think about it much. I just set aside money in my savings for medical expenses so that when they come up, I feel like I have money earmarked for it so it doesn't bother me so much. That's terrible the doctor didn't help you. It seems like nowadays everything is specialized.

Beaded Tail: I guess everyone does.

Heidi & Mike: Thanks! My husband has one just like it and we wear them whenever we go to see a doctor. Also sometimes after Browns games!

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