Friday, August 28, 2009

7 Things I Learned This Week--Part 34

V8 Juice

I was pleasantly surprised that when I tried my 100% vegetable V8 juice that it actually tasted okay, way better than the green tea! I am stocking up on this. The bottle says it's more than half your daily vegetable requirement so I figure I'll drink two bottles a day and be covered.

False Email Re Cancer Update

Whew, I'm glad I checked on the email I received that claimed it was a Cancer Update from Johns Hopkins before I posted about it. I googled Johns Hopkins Cancer and up came a notice from Snopes that this email is false. It suggested the National Cancer Institute website as a reliable source for cancer information at

Baby Carrots

Thanks to Jodi's Journey's Information About Baby Carrots post I found out that some of those aren't healthy at all! Some are coated with chlorine to preserve them but chlorine is a cancer causing agent. Fortunately, I bought the organic ones that hopefully are just little and not coated!

Keep the Flies Away

At Jodi's Journey this week I also learned about this easy trick to keep the flies away: Fill a Ziploc bag with water and 5 or 6 pennies and hang it in the problem area.

Speed Reading Trick

At Daily Blogs Tips I watched a video describing an interesting speed reading tip. The basic idea is that you need to stop reading with your larynx (i.e., trying to pronounce each word as you go, even if just mentally) and start reading with your eyes (i.e., the information is processed by the brain immediately as you see it).

Baking Soda

When I visited LaJolla Mom for the first time this week through SITS I found that baking soda works really well for cleaning wood cabinetry and furniture stains plus many more uses too.


I just found out that Entrecard has updated their tool bar to be compatible with Firefox 3.5. I missed it because it is so convenient to advertise on blogs as I visit them this way. I'm still not going to get back in that dropping habit that takes up so much time. Here's the post with the download if you're interested: click here By the way, welcome back Junk Drawer!

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Sara Elizabeth said...

I used to use EntreCard, but it ended up being a waste of time. I would spend all day dropping, and nothing really came of it.

I had no idea that chlorine is a cancer causing agent. Scary!

Happy FF!

Caution/Lisa said...

I LOVED this post. Pennies in a bag. Going to try it :)

Daisy said...

If you like spicy foods, the Spicy V8 is delicious!

Stacey said...

I can't wait to try the pennies and water trick to keep flies away! Thank you for sharing such great tips! :-)

Happy Friday!

MrsSki said...

I love V8! Especially now since they make low sodium V8..granted it's not as tasting as the V8 with tons of salt but it's still good!

Isn't it scary that so many chemicals and pesticides are on our fruits and vegetables?!

Loved your fragments!!

Claudya Martinez said...

That trick for flies totally works. I saw a man who had a fruit stand with bags of water with pennies in them. He told me it was to keep the flies away and it did. He had fresh cut fruit and not one single fly. Crazy!

Stacy Uncorked said...

*smacks forehead* I could have had a V8! :)

Love all the tips - I had to run and get a ziploc bag and pennies...the flies are driving me crazy out in the Summer House where we're all hanging out on our computers...I'm curious to see if it works! :)

Happy FF! :)

BeadedTail said...

I've never tried V8 but I think I need to! Enjoyed learning all these things from you this week!

Kathy said...

I'm glad you like the V8. I'm going to try the Fusion "flavor."

Yep, I'm back with EC, but not dropping like I used to. Only an amount I can live with.

mub said...

I love V8! My grandma cans veggie juice and calls it V7 *L* I can't remember which veg she leaves out but it makes me laugh everytime.

Green Girl said...

oh what a really cool segment... this is really a great way to end the week=)
found my way here thru SITS!

Karen and Gerard said...

Sara: I still use Entrecard but just don't worry about getting my drops all done in a day. It wastes too much time.

Caution Flag & Stacey, Stacy (cool chick): Glad you liked my finds. I do this type of post every Friday. Good luck with the bag trick!

Daisy: No, I'm not into spicy.

Mrs. Ski: I haven't found the low sodium V8 yet. It is scary about the pesticides. Glad to hear you liked my fragments.

Unknown Mami: That's interesting!

Beaded Tail & Rachel: Glad you liked--hopefully I'll have some more next week!

Kathy: I don't drop much anymore either. Checking out blogs through comments and SITS lately.

Mub: I'm too lazy to make my own.

Mrs4444 said...

I love V-8 in all flavors :)
Hey! That speed-reading trick really works!
I'm going to try that fly thing for sure-My classroom is so fly-filled that I had to take a shower when I came home yesterday; my skin was stinging from those little buggers biting me all afternoon. Grrrr!

I don't have that toolbar on this computer, but I do LOVE it on my laptop.

Soooo tired. Off to bed, I am!

The Silver Age Sara said...

I also use baking soda. It's a wonderful bathroom cleaner of porcelain as well.
Thanks for letting us know about the carrots. I would never have imagined that!
I think V-8 juice is pretty good too.
I'll probably be leaving Entrecard in a few days now that they've stopped giving credits for people dropping on you. I've found better ways to build real community.
Love these posts. I always learn so much.

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